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Saturday 1 March 2008

The last screensaver [Slim]

Finally, I've found the last screensaver I'll ever need! It's called Slickr and it simply hooks into flickr and pulls hi rez picks down from either your folder, your mates, or even better by 'interestingness'. It rules, it's small, fast, no nag screens and dissapears when you wiggle your mouse.

Another option I tried and quite liked is the google picassa screensaver in the google pack. This is ace because it's nice and open, so it'll work with any RSS and your picassa account, which I use over flickr and doesn't require a key like slickr does, but it wont piss off on a mouse wiggle, so is a bit flawed.


  1. I, like you, was once an idiot who thought Slickr was the best thing evah. But it's not.

    Mosaica is. IMHO. I saw it running in an art shop in Italy and I was driven mad trying to find out what the hell they were running. It's this, lookee screenshots here.

    I use the Google Pack screensaver at home, and whenever I go to someones house I install it, point it to their photos and they throw in a few random photo RSS feeds (including my flickr account). They can't understand why pictures of me show up now and again. HEH HEH.


  2. Bit baffled that you claim Mosaica is the blow job of screensavers, then go on to describe how you don't use it...

    I did try Google pack, but didn't really find any good rss to feed it like the flkr interestingness one. Got any?


  3. I favour Mosaica because because I have Mosaica at work, which is where I spend most of my time doing nothing, so I get to see Mosaica a lot :)

    Feeds, some good stuff here:

    My mate Tricky, always has nice scenery and such:­feeds/photos_public.gne?id=81851211@N00&­lang=en-us&format=rss_200