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Monday 16 December 2002

Fame academy [lurks]

I tuned in pretty late to this reality tv show thing that the Beeb has been pushing out called Fame Academy. Just as well really because the last hopefuls from the dozen were kind of borderline talented as it was so I hate to think what the first evictees were like. Pretty bad I guess since the Beeb was taking a bunch of flack about the show early on and it was rating badly, but then so has every new reality tv show until people start to get hooked on it.

Anyway, the only thing worth talking about on this is again how the legions of teenage girls are the only ones that vote and you can clearly see their utterly illogical, not to mention bad taste, outright and the final of Fame Academy was no different.

First off, last week the guy to get canned was some bloke called Ainsley. He isn't a great singer but he's really got a style of his own, sort of indy with a touch of the cure going on. Struck me he was an ideal front man for a band or whatnot. The fact they dumped him last week was just astounding. The record industry pros on the show were also surprised.

Anyhow, the final was this friday. I didn't see it since I was out getting wankers with the EED boyz for our crimbo pissup. Surprise surprise but pretty much the least talented one won it, the second one was also absolutely dreadful and the guy who came rank last was the only one that was actually talented and ought to get a shot at the million quid recording contract which was up for a prize.

Yep you guessed it, the legions of teenage girls voted in this pretty-boy boy band guy who, while he can certainly sing, has to be the the biggest example of zero personality zero identity llamatron syndrome that I've seen for a long time. Ho hum. Second in was this Irish girl who, err, no one seems to have spotted can't actually sing at all, is crap on stage and ... is a bit ugly as well. Jesus christ.

So how did she come second? Well she's Irish right and apparently it's a real popular show over there. So that left in third place, a slothenly black teenager called Lamar. Now let's get this straight, I don't like this guy - I think he's a bit of a tosser but he does have an enormous amount of talent. He's got a fantastic really distinctive husky soul voice and brilliant stage presence. He's fucking good, he deserves to put an album out. He's the only one who did. So he comes last.

I don't reckon that bloke has enough get-up-and-go to go make it for himself unfortunately, so he'll probably disappear for good. Oh well.

What is it about women (and in particular teenage girls) and their complete and utter lack of any musical taste whatsoever?

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't matter a fuck which of the talentless cocksmokers won in the end anyway, the beeb are chucking out an album with every nausiating one of them. Goody.I fucking love the way on the other side, they're running The Rivals as a fucking dead cert compo for the xmas number one. "which band will win?" like its in the bag. The depressing part is, they're dead right and probably will be number one and two anyway. Fuckers.