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Monday 16 December 2002

Karaoke for the housebound [shedir]

Wifey's midlife arrives this weekend. 35 on Monday, she loves the old karaoke so got her one for the house.

Getting the CDs is a bit hit n miss tho, so decided to compile my own!

Grabbing some mp3's and cdg files is easy with the newsgroups. Getting this onto CD a bit harder. Finally found an easy solution, mp3g toolz!

Sews the mp3 and lyrics together into bin files, which you had as tracks in cdrwin. Easy peasy.

Gonna burn one off and test pre Sunday party. Argos sell an Arbiter karaoke machine with scart to telly for £100, good if y

For those saddos with PC's under their TV, there's a winamp plugin just for you!

f6 if you tell it to delete files removes orig zip as well as working mp3 + CDG. careful usage required.

1 comment:

  1. Well mp3g toolz works! It's only as good as your source files though, but wifey was ecstatic with her karaoke machine and home brew musak. 4am we went to bed. Sore voices and heads, I doubt life'll be the same at 186 :(