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Sunday 29 December 2002

Korea, why do we care? [lurks]

Right, you've seen what's going on in Korea? Quick summary right, the evil communist dictatorship North revealed they have a secret nuclear weapons program going on. Now some time ago the US brokered a deal where North Korea would suspend their nuclear program and in return they'd shop a cool half mil tons of oil over every now and again. So unsurprisingly the US says, well err fuck your oil then. So the North goes, right well we're cracking the seals on our heavy water reactor instead so we can power the homes of all our starving people. Oh and whoopy, we get some nice plutonium in the bargain. Woot!

Meanwhile, down in the South, there be a million land mines in the demilitarized zone and a crap load of US help standing by stopping the commies from rushing over the border to unify the country in some big red orgasmic communist reunion gang bang. Except that what happened was that some GIs ran down a couple of South Korean girls in a road accident, killed them both. So the South is holding all these demonstrations, burning US flags. Out yankee out! No War in Iraq! Shit like that.

Err so one does have to wonder why on earth the US gives a flying fuck about these ungrateful peons! The South having gotten fat on trade with the west and pretty much now represent the most progressive modern Net loving capitalist democratic industrial nation in the SE Asia. So one wonders if they just HAPPEN to have noticed the millions of starving Chinese backed commie loonies just gnashing their teeth on the lovely propaganda which drives them to head south and quash this decadent capitalist nightmare? You know, the fucking invasion the yanks are there to stop to protect the South Korean way of life.

I just don't understand those fuckers, maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, fuck them. Pull out I say. Korean computer games suck ass anyway :)

1 comment:

  1. North Korea is a fucking nightmare.

    Their leader (Kim Jong-Wanker) is a freak; a man more suited to a walk on bitpart as an Austin Powers villain than running a country; as he stomps about, watching endless military parades, it's quite clear he's never had the singularly important thought .. 'am I being a twat?'

    So, they lied about not having a nuclear programme as agreed in 1994 with the USA. Like we're in any way surprised at this? They cling to communism (and all the oh-so-joyous things that go along with that) like shit to a boot; and now they've reactivated their primary plutonium producing reactor for 'electricity'.

    It seems 2003 is destined to be a dangerous year. Its times like this when frankly, being seen as an extension of the Yanks suits me to the ground; at least they don't ponce about with political rhetoric 'single hearted ASS' and just attack those clearly too stupid to know when not to cross the line... *sigh*