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Monday 16 December 2002

Government gives up on railway [lurks]

In light of current events, it strikes me that the government has basically given up on sorting out a proper modern rail service for this country and instead is turning back to cars. Now this really upsets me, not only as a closet greenie but also because it seems to be more about politicians not tackling difficult issues than doing what is right for the country.

Recently a load of money was just promised for road widening projects, the largest the country has seen for years. And now, they're saying that all rail services may be cut back by as much as 10% next year! Targets for expanding rail users dramatically dropped too of course. Yet the Beeb quotes Richard Bawker from the Strategic Rail Authority as saying 'There is still absolute total commitment to the railways'. My fucking arse!

Yet clearly what is wrong with our railways is arse all to do with the cost to the taxpayer, it's the rampant mismanagement and the incredibly inefficient and shoddy way in which fundamental work is undertaken on the railways. No accountability from the top to the bottom has resulted in a substandard service not to mention an increasingly unsafe one. So the solution is to build more roads?!

No, it's to fucking fix the cunting railways so they're worth using again!


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