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Monday 6 January 2003

The Crown vs Mugabe (again) - it's just not cricket. [brit]

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  1. I think it's fairly clear that Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe sucks ass. Histreatment of white farmers, the public approval of mobs attacking the same,and his abuse of power at all levels are well documented.

    However, this blog is about something far worse ( in my mind ) - thecowardly bullshit attitude of Her Majesty's Government over this and a wholehost of items on the international political agenda which have demonstratedin the clearest possible terms that 'New Labour' are, when not pandering tothe behest of the Americans, a toothless, morally bankrupt and hypocriticalbunch of wankers.

    The question on the table this time round, is 'Should England play theirhighly publicised and high profile cricket match in Harare, Zimbabwe?'. Thisisn't rocket science, really it isn't - the answer to anyone who has anyknowledge of what Mugabe and his goons are up to is a resounding 'NO!'. Yet,as I type this, I watch the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, theForeign & Commonwealth Office, and the Prime Minister's Office refuse tomake any sort of decision regarding this.

    I cannot find the words ( suitable for publishing on a family website ) todescribe how much I detest every gutless shit of a Minister who has donenothing but either pass the buck ( granted, a pre-requisite skill forjoining the massed ranks of 'New Labour' ) or deny any knowledge of theproblem.

    Mugabe on the other hand can do no wrong. The sight of Westminster chasingit's own tail must bring a wide smile to that greedy corrupt halfwit - afterall, if England DO play their cricket match in Harare as scheduled,Zimbabwe's oppressive regime gets Her Majesty's thumbs-up. If they don't,then Mugabe will milk the resulting press for the fallout ( bleeding heartliberals will undoubtedly consider such a move a travesty of internationalsporting organisation ) - so either way, he gets the publicity.

    The government has organised 'talks' with the England Cricket Board todiscuss the options. Wierd; I thought there were only two - play, or playnot. The decision to play ( given that this is the national team ) shouldnot be left with the players, their captain, or the ECB. This is a politicaldecision with international ramifications; it really is that serious (especially given the previous condemnation of Mugabe's regime from allparties ) and therefore must be made by the government, either through theDCMS ( which is where I suspect the final decision lies ) or the FCO, or ifnecessary the Prime Minister himself.

    We'll know soon enough of course, and I'm not going to be at all surprisedto see the team fly out and play - the government is adept at throwing up asmokescreen of bullshit in order to confuse things sufficiently to 'run outof time' in which to make a prinicpled decision worth a damn.

    New Labour? 'Morally Bankrupt Wankers' more like.