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Thursday 23 January 2003

Phillips EXP511 MP3 CD player [shedwork]

I'll get the hang of this soon.
OK got this as a replacement for the goodmans the wife got me for xmas. Fantastic player tbh. £75 at amazon.
You can even get firmware upgrades for it! Very neat, reads CDR and CDRW. Stores up to 2000 favourites across your mp3 CD collection. Wee remote has a tie clipon, which goes onto my jacket of course, so you can change album/track easily.
ID3 tags scroll across the face of it to help you keep track of what you're listening too, not on the remote though, but it's not backlit so bit of a prob there.
All in all for the money it's damn fine, audio quality is superb with 480 seconds of anti shock protection. So even in an earthquake I can listen to da blues.
That is all, you have the link see for yourself!


  1. I recently bought myself one of these cdplayer mp3 things from a company called iriver, its still early days but it seems very good so far. Its firmware upgradeable so it will be able to add extra formats to those it already supports, wma and mp3.

  2. Another minor niggle with my player. Tieclip remote doesn't tellyou the battery level. I got home and it was still playing, started next morning and it died after a minute. BAH! It is superb tho.

  3. I just got one of these fuckers from Amazon. First impressions are very high - it sounds fantastic...