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Sunday 19 January 2003

Robbie Williams gets brain bypass [lurks]

This is just too good. The BBC is reporting that Robbie Williams reckons piracy is great. Here's what he said exactly;

'I think it's great, really I do. There is nothing anyone can do about it. I am sure my record label would hate me saying it, and my manager and my accountants.'

Well no kidding genius. This is the guy that got an £80,000,000 contract out of EMI (and people were already calling into question how he could ever sell enough records to justify it). Then he sits back and says piracy is great, seemingly only because no one can do anything about it?!

Do you get the impression this bloke is living in a strange dream world where money just grows on trees? Had he said stuff like how the scene gets loads of acts heard that ordinarily wouldn't, then I'd have some time for him. But then he's a classic low brow shite pop act which is precisely the sort of act that would suffer from the only good thing about music piracy.

Madness, utter madness. His record company ought to dump him and sign someone else up that knows just how they get (over)paid. What a moron.

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