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Wednesday 22 January 2003

Help a man with broadband! [lurks]

My mate Salad has just got broadband. Being a healthy lad, he's turned his attention to the burning question of how to make best use of all that new throbbing bandwidth waiting to be tapped. So, what's the best sort of porn then? :)

Slim likes his japs but I think it's a bit weirdy, they look cute but lay back motionless making noises like they think they're in pain. It seems more likely he likes that because the jap men have tiny little todgers and that makes him feel good about himself.

I've got to say, I really just don't fancy porn any more. It all seems to formulaic and the 'actresses' may as well be chatting away smoking while some bloke pounds them, as convincing as they are.

Then again I'm not an avid collector of animal vids like Spiro and water sports like Dr_Dave. Maybe I'm missing out on where it's at?


  1. Animal porn, you crack me up. To be honest I have about 3 porno films andall are rubbish. One scene or another may get me going a little butgenerally they just aren't my bag. But, when it comes to the written wordthat's a different kettle of fish. Stories in mags, books with detailed sexscenes, all great. I think it's all to do with the imagination. You canimagine yourself in the story, and you get to create the female (or male ifyou like) she can look anyway you like. You aren't restricted to thedirectors vision, lets face it, some of the people in films I've seen havebeen amongst the ugliest people ever to walk the surface of this planet.Unless you've had loads of beer, no one wants to shag a beast.

    Also the stories either have a plot, or have been someone's personalexperience (or so they say). But that's me, I'm sure I'm in a minority.

  2. Check out the Bang Bus (Baby).

  3. Well frankly things from my side of the fence are rosy as hell; LOADS to choose from and stonking high quality streaming stuff PLUS the ability to download whole DiVXs (time limited, 30 days for $14.99) which are perfect quality.

    Still, doesn't beat the real thing of course. Which thanks to the magic of getting the other one drunk, means I'm knackered 24/7

    I didn't type this.

  4. Brit, yes well - that's because your lot aren't faking it. They're playing up to the camera. It should be stopped dammit, you'll go to hell! :)