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Thursday 23 January 2003

xbox + modchip = shuttle beater? [shedir]

OK then. I got a freebie xbox for a wee homer and had it chipped. Mainly for a living room entertainment centre than a games console.
Slayer evox installer 1.5 is a godsend. Edit the .ini file and take the format bits out, plus line before that to configure the partitions. Burn as UDF 8.3 and boot. Install, you have evoX!!!
Once evox is installed configure the IP section to static and hook it up to your PC. You can then FTP to it. Things to add
  1. Media player 2.2
  2. PAL / NTSC selector
  3. MAME

Edit the evox.ini again once you decide it you want it to autoplay dvds or games. NB DVDs play with RegionX (dongle free so no hassle there)
Media player 2.2 is superb, streams movies / mp3s / images from your 'server(s)'. You can either use relax server for this, or windows shares (only in media player 2.2)
I've found it to be a great, realtively quiet solution to my needs for the living room, you lose xbox live of course. But there's a proggy called xbconnect, which can let you play link games over the net. I've not tried it myself yet, but looking at it's gamespy allike interface, plenty of folks are.


  1. You can get Xbox Live back by adding a switch to disable the modchip (some chips can turn themselves off without an external switch). Lots of faq's/tutorials over at XBOX-SCENE

  2. What's the easiest way of getting this done? Can I get a plan and a chip? I can fit it myself obviously.

  3. Get a chip from MrModChips, either a Xecuter2 Lite or Pro and just fit it in. Install a larger HD and run games off HD instead of the DVD drive. You can stream movies straight off a PC haddrive over the LAN, supports VCD,SVCD, DivX, XviD. Do it!

  4. What's the diff between the chips?

  5. Xecuter2 Pro/Lite seems to be the only sensible option... The Pro one isn't out yet, but mostly it seems to let you store multiple different BIOS images on it and boot with different ones as you desire. Either way, you just need to solder a pinblock onto the motherboard (and a single wire which is on a plug anyway), so if you get a Lite and later decide you need a pro, just pull it off the pinblock and slip the Pro on. It's pretty neat really!

    The degree to which these blow the Xbox open to Doing Cool Shit is unsurprising in retrospect, but still pretty amazing once you actually start getting homebrew bits and bobs up and running...