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Thursday 30 January 2003

Further adventures in house buying [venusxl]

So continuing our theme from yesterday, yet more further proof that this country is full of back stabbing judas cocklords.
Today my solicitors, Shitstain & Co, finally got our searches back and were ready to exchange. Horah - bake a fucking cake. SO I chase up the chain and they say 'horah, we are all ready to move next week' so I let my buying know, she wires her cash at some expense so we can go fot it pronto after such a long wait, and the wheels of ineptness again begin to turn.
Her solicitor releases the paper to mine, mine to the next one and so on. Then we get to the the person beyond the house I am buying and the backstabbing twats change their mind about the date and now want the 28th of Feb!
FFS that's miles away - I'll be in Pink Pimp mode by then and need to be nearer London etc. Half our house is packed already and we have been hanging around for months. Now I respect that they have the right to insist on four weeks but how selfish is that? There are three other parties in the chain all chomping at the bit to move and have been preparing etc and these selfish shits hold it up.
This whole house buying and selling system is royally fucked up. We found the house we're buying, and sold ours, back in October and we'll be moving on the cusp of March. No end of hassles and stress over paper chains etc. Pfft.
This country!


  1. You know, for my next move I'm giving serious thought to flogging first and moving into rented for a bit before buying the next. I really don't envy the whole 'chain' thing. Although it would be a right fuck up for broadband etc.

  2. You can get 2/3 month contracts now for many DSL suppliers.