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Tuesday 28 January 2003

CENSORED BY #EED [venusxl]

God this country is pissing me off at the moment. Not just the normal shit like Popstars TV shows etc but proper annoying shit. Mainly my solicitor. You see Mrs venusXL and I have been trying to move since OCTOBER and still have not exchanged contracts. When we looked into house buying/selling we knew it was going to be hassle but by being prepared we hoped to avoid it. Foolish children. When selecting a Solicitor I rang around them all and got quotes. As many of you would do, we went with the cheapest. These guys, Shitstains & Co. were half the price of anyone else so it seemed a bit too good to be true. I rang again and asked why so cheap - 'Because we only do house work sir - we specialise and therefore can save cash'. Sounds reasonable so away we went...
Well to cut a long story short - they are incompetent worms. Sub-human scum. Pondlife. They lie and mislead us all the time and have absolutely NO customer service skills. They don't not apply for things when they say they have and then lie about it. You may have gripes with my current employers, but we really are a punter focused company. It amazes me to encounter one so shit at it and still in business. The problem is there is no e-pinions site about these wankers.
Any suggestions on warning the world from using these people? There doens't seem to be a opinions site on Legal firms warning you not to use them, yet they provide a important service.
We will be complaining to the Law Society after its all done.
So talking about shit customer service peons brings us neatly onto your favorite firm; NTL. Now Shitstains & Co have finally sorted out our move I can call NTL to arrange to get my TV and net etc all moved on the same day. Call up, listen to robot for option 'Moving house click 4', get through to peon and he needs to pass me off to the moving dept (I thought that was the point of the options!). So wait 11 mins (yes I timed it, it gives you something to do when you call NTL) and get through to lady who takes my details then says she can't help as I am moving to another franchise area!
ARGHHH! This country!!!!
I then politely gave her my opinion in this i.e. I don't care - I called NTL as I have kindly decided not to go with Sky/BT and I want NTL to thank me and arrange it all for me with no hassles. In fact the lack of hassles was the deciding factor in sticking with these worms, I have heard many moans from folks trying to co-ordinate the installation of BT Telephones, Sky TV and then BT Broadband and decided the easier life was sticking with NTL.
So that's the competitive state of play in the UK now - we make choices based on whom we perceive to be least shit!
This blog has been CENSORED by evil [EED]Amnesia who is protecting the vested interests of his CORRUPT profession!


  1. Theremust be a reason there's no online epinions site about lawyers - I imagine it has something to do with them making up pathetic little litigous lawsuits threatening anyone who dares badmouth them, and being able to do it in their leisure time, while us mere mortals must spend a hundred quid an hour or so just to get a crap one who couldn't giv two shits.

  2. I'm sure there'd be no reason to discuss a shite law firm if they'd been legally found incompetent or whatever... as long as you didn't embellish the facts ;)

  3. Dirty shitehawk lawyer scum aside, anyone else think that venusXL appears to be having a particularly thorny shite in his picture?

  4. He's definately choking off a nasty :)