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Friday 17 January 2003

Spiro can't drive blogging [spiro]

I'm so totally addicted to Battlefield 1942 now that I find myself really excited about the new expansion pack 'Road to Rome'

This will include 6 new maps:
Operation Husky
Operation Baytown
Operation Anzio
Battle of Salerno
Monte Cassino
Monte Santa Croche

8 New Vehicles:
German Sturmgeschutz
German BF110
German AT gun PAK 40
US M3 Grant
British Mosquito
British AT gun 25 pounder
Italian M11-39 Carro Armato

3 Weapons:
Italian Breda Model 30 Assault Rifle
British Sten Machinegun
Bayonet - Engineer rifle only

Screenshot of these can be found here

Two new armies are also being introduced, French and Italians.

New anti tank guns being issued should make defending a position against assault a lot more interesting. A new form of lameness is springing up in the form of enemy tanks hiding in your aircraft hanger taking advantage of the weenies standing waiting for a plane (don't have a problem with that). My problem comes with the fact that whilst in there they are being repaired constantly (enemy hangers shouldn't repair) and wasting equipment. Its not impossible to kill them, just takes a few team mates to gang up and take them out. But I can't see the point, I only play CTF and camping like this with valuable equipment isn't helping your team to capture the flag. With the new AT guns teams should be able to discourage this.

Don't take my word for it check out this short movie and tell me you're not a little excited. 'Road to Rome' is expected out in the middle of February, perfect valentines present.

I know a few of you have tried the new mod Desert Combat I've yet to install this mod so can't comment, whats it like, is it worth a go ?

1 comment:

  1. Desert Combat 0.2 is out now, I'm leeching it from BY anon FTP. The first alpha was worth a swizz, the A-10 is hilarious :)