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Friday 24 January 2003

Decent telly? [lurks]

This here is a blog about television. If you've seen any good stuff on TV that you're enjoying, post it here. I stare at the schedule and nothing takes my fancy at all but I'm sure there's buried gems. I stumbled across a couple over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, BBC1 has a law drama on called Trust. It's BBC production and it is, bizarrely, corporate law rather than criminal. It's good though, really good. Check it out, I think it's on Thursday night.

Next up, show that was on last night on the Discovery channel called Thunder Races. Reminiscent of Scrapyard Challenge/Junkyard Wars, they give three teams £800 and they have to buy a wreck and do it up into a rally car. Then race the rally car around a pretty gruelling course. Unlike the former programs, the presenter actively riles up the teams (in the same garage) to get a sense of competition going. It works well and I love the way he just comes up to people slacking and gives them shit. It's on Mondays at 8.

Other than that, not much. I see World is Not Enough is on tonight on ITV - doubtless the last half hour interrupted by the News. I see BBC1's Red Cap drama is on tonight as well, it's about military police based in Germany. I only saw one episode and it was so-so, anyone else like it?

So what you lot watchin'?


  1. Tonight I'll be watching a programme edited by a very good friend of mine.

    ITV at about 22:55 and is called Girls Behaving Badly - Vice Girls.

    As a teaser the opening scene is a dominatrix (lindi st clair) driving atractor which is dragging a rubber clad slave around the garden. Itsactually very soft and silly look at vice but promises to be loads of fun.

    Usual viewing is SG1, Becker, Frasier. Last thing I really want to do when Iget home is watch TV.

  2. Red Cap! Hubba hubba!

  3. Corrie is the fucking best thing on telly, by a long stretch. Learn to love corrie, it'll never let you down.

  4. There is sadly, very little in the way of 'good telly' available at the moment.

    The BBC is busy churning out digital channels and new radio stations as if they've been told there's no tommorrow; yet fail to deliver anything remotely worth staying in for.

    'Course, we've been promised another series of the classy spy series 'Spooks' in the spring, but really I'm not wanting to hang around for 3 months waiting.

    So, really, TV sucks!

  5. Typical, I got involved in a great game of 1942 and missed the programme.

  6. I haven't watched anything on TV since before Christmas when I reshuffled the AV gear in the living room; in fact, I've just not found any incentive to bother hooking up the cable box since then. There are too many good books I haven't read, and I have too many interesting projects I'm working on, for me to really give a shit about vegging out in front of a selection of programs which seem to be uniformly bloody awful anyway.

  7. See the prog on BBC2 last night about excavating WWI trenches in Belgium? It was at a section where the German/Allied lines were only 30 yards apart, pretty terrifying stuff. One of the reasons why there are so many unidentifiable bodies/bits/arms/dead young chaps is because dogtags weren't metal until the very end of the war! Oh, and the Jerries were using Chlorine and Phosphene and all sorts of nasty simple chemical weapons - the bastards!

  8. Bastards! BBC bastards! Never before in the history of the BBC have they put two programs on that are good at the same time. If there's anything worth watching on One or Two, there's shit on the other channel. Statistical fact based on them outputting shit 6 days a week, 23 hours a day. So last night they put on this Trust law drama that's ace on One and they put on a Horizon about blasting asteroids with nukes on Two. And there's no fucking adverts to facilitate switching between them so I had to multiplex with the remote control.


  9. Damages Season 2 has just started on BBC1, that's ace. You'll want to catch season 1 first if you haven't seen it before though.

    I have a Horion with Brian Cox on nuclear fusion PVRed to watch.