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Monday 20 January 2003

Of cloned babies and lizard men... [brit]

'Clonaid and the Raelian Sect.'

No, not a Disney film for kids (with hilarious adult-only nuances) but a revisitation of a state of affairs which last existed in 1939 - the conducting of experiments on human beings.

Let's be quite clear - IF Clonaid are engaged in the practice of delivering cloned babies, their ethics and staff are straight out of something Josef Mengele would have approved of.

I cannot believe that this story has all but vanished from the mainstream press; the very thought that an organisation funded by a cult who believe we are all cloned by lizards from outer space is engaged in such activities is frightening.

There are simply loads of reasons why fuckwittage such as this should be stamped on.

This is not properly organised, properly controlled stem cell research for example.

The leader of the Raelian Sect, appropriately enough named Rael, got (allegedly) hounded out of France by the authorities. Frankly, I'd have preferred him locked up - over here we have the most excellent and most flexible Section 38. Still, getting hounded out of France should have alerted people to *something*

So now we're faced with the prospect that a group of utterly ridiculous dumbasses with serious cash to throw around are meddling in things which could prove completely disastrous.

Shut down Clonaid, investigate the bastards to within an inch of their lives and generally make them look even more stupid than they already manage themselves.

David Ike is a Raelian.. says it all really.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think they're actually doing any real clone work at all. Probably just some nutty made up ritual (like their religion) which they claim generates clones. Probably the couple has to have sex in tin foil hats dipped in freshly killed chicken blood. The media is getting tired of it because out of 3 babies, not ONE has been proven. Just how much press can one be expected to give to a blatant publicity stunt?

    Scientists can clone animals, remember Dolly? What you may not know, because they don't make a song and dance about it, is that basically it's a 1 in 20 success rate. The rest of the unfortunate births had all manner of defects. You can imagine the horrible consequences of anyone being involved in human cloning with current technology.

    Nah, it's all a load of shit.