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Wednesday 21 July 2004

Galleon [slim]

Had a few hours on Galleon last night. First impressions of the graphics are that they are shit, quite low poly stuff with virtually no texturing at all, kind of a hires psx game. As you play on, they do improve, the areas get larger and the environments a bit more detailed. They're still fairly shit though. The animation is fucking amazing, especially of the lead characters, with superb lip syncing and voice acting to match. The camera, as previously reported is fucking awful. I can see what they were trying to do, and it almost works, you control the camera panning to move your bloke. Problem is you move him using up and down, so can't look around at all, which in a game that uses huge environments and lots of high wall and platform action is a major fuckup. The much vaunted wall climbing is also dire, you go into a wierd overhead view mode, which really just gives you a view of your blokes arse and fuckall else. Combats kinda nice too with a sort of progressive combo sy! stem.
I am going to carry on playing, I did enjoy it. It's got a certain style about it and the plot seems pretty good. It's amazing how effective voice sync and expressions on the characters make the story that much more compelling to play through.


  1. so whats it like now you've had more time with it Slim ? Or did you give up after 3 days ?

  2. I gave up. I think it's the controls that fucked me off more than anything. Loved the style and the story and the characters and whatnot, but the control method is just a bit of a joke, especially for a game that has such fiddly platform sections. Might go back to it, but I'm being loved up with full spectrum warrior at the mo!