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Friday 30 July 2004

Match report [pod]

EED in gaming shocker!
Its been so long since the last official game that we played that I can no longer remember what it was. So it was nice to finally play something in a competitive manner.
The teams : EED v SPAM
The location : Houlan
The game : Singstar(ps2)
Both teams came into the competition with little to no experiance of the game but a few warmup songs later we were raring to go. On the EED team we had (iirc) Am(captain), Lurks, Pod, Shinji, Skeeve and Muz. On the SPAM team we had Houmous(captain), Roger, Zappeh and Anim.
The map(song) : Suspicious Minds by Elvis
The song began and EED soon took up a small lead. Am's deep booming voice was clearly 0wning over the reduced SPAM teams effort. SPAM stayed in contention but seemed to be struggling with the low bass-y tones of the song. EED-Jay was so impressed he fell asleep on the sofa! And then as quickly as it began it was over. The scores were calculated and there was much rejoycing that it was all ove! r
The winners : EED (score = 5000ish/10000)
The losers : SPAM (score 4000ish/10000) and Common decency
The end


  1. It should be noted that in the 1v1 duel competition, EED's tactical decision to field Lurker proved a winning strategy as his boy-soprano style tones decimated the opposition at The Darkness' 'I believe in a thing called love', leaving him the undefeated champion at the track by the end of the contest.
    Photographic evidence of EED's return to clan gaming with their entry into the fiercely competitive Pro-SingStar scene can be found here!

  2. Ahh, I wondered who was going to break ranks. Very well, I think readers of this web site should see Shinji and Am in action. (XVid codec required)Since none of you are blogging, I thought I'd put up the video of Houmous giving it some at window washer on the EyeToy with a real window washer he just happened to have lying around...

  3. I found the sd card i used at houlan, here's a few more songstar vids for your viewing horror:
    More Songstar Vids!

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