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Tuesday 20 July 2004

London Underground 2016 [beej]

Proposed London Underground Map 2016
Looks like they got someone on work experience to do this diagram, look at Liverpool Street! And there are two Shepherd's Bush stations *on the same line*. If I haven't moved out of London by 2016, kill me.
And still no bloody boats!


  1. Jesus. And how exactly is all that going to be paid for? Oh yes, we'll foot it for the most part.
    Time to move outta london!

  2. Very scary, it looks like a complete mess.

  3. The two Shepherds Bush stations are in the same district, but are separate stations altogether, probably yet to be named...
    Further, I wonder how people can be pleased? Public transport in this country is shite (except the tube, which is actually fairly good compared to most of the rest) because we don't invest in it. All of a sudden investment is proposed, and we've got people whinging that they're going to have to pay for it... hmmm

  4. Afty, you don't live in London. You have no bloody idea what it's like having to rely on a system operated by incompetent corporations and striking socialist scum (who want a 4 day week by the way, FUCK OFF WANKERS). The tube is crap. The buses are much better, just need loads more of them and sort the stupid 'C' charge and bus lanes out.

  5. The buses really are good - here in West London at least. They just go everywhere and they go regularly, Red Ken has spent all the wonga on putting loads more on the road (which is a policy I agree with because the Tube is clearly fucked whatever you do - aircon, signalling, etc)
    It's a bit weird really, you turn up at the bus stop and so does a bus! It wasn't like that before...

  6. Any idea where that extension to the Thamas link is going to, after East Croydon?

  7. It gets its wheels nicked and is left up on bricks.
    Seriously, probably Gatwick, which is where it goes now.. then on to Brighton, the promised land.

  8. Getting the busses sorted was a huge deal because busses go everywhere, the fucking tube does not. People south of the river have been saying that for ages and even though I'm pretty close in and in North London, I still don't have a tube station near me.
    Also, and here's a big point, the fucking busses cost a quid where as the tube is a massive rip off for a singularly unpleasant journey run by, as Beej says, a pile of lefty socialist scum which are rapidly running the whole thing into the ground to the point that no fucker will get on it.
    I'm actually looking to commute into London by bus when I move job to London. It'll take longer but it will suck a bunch less than the rammed carriages and of course I'll save a shit load of cash as well.
    I think they need to declare the tube bankrupt, dump the staff and start again. Reckon there's other people on the streets of London willing to stand around and check child tickets for 15k and do a full 40 hour week? Fucking right there is.
    Unions are the work of Satan.

  9. Better again - make the investment required to rip out the existing tube trains and signalling systems and replace the whole bloody lot with DLR style computer controlled networks. Emergency support people in stations and a couple of redundant hardened central control centres somewhere. You could even do it one line at a time, with the exception of the horrible shitty bits where lines intersect around the imaginary Circle Line.
    I use the Tube for longer journeys - out to visit friends in the sticks or whatever - but I have to say, I've given up on it for travel within London centre. I leave an extra 30 minutes and walk whereever I'm going instead - as far as I'm concerned, unless the weather is shit or you're in a SERIOUS hurry, it's just lazy not to walk to anywhere in the stretch between Euston and Waterloo, which is where most stuff is.
    It's a fucking nice walk too, doubly so since the congestion charging came in.
    That said - I like the look of a lot of the stuff on that 2016 plan. The new cross-London link to Heathrow is an excellent idea, linking up the various systems in south London (Croydon/Wimbledon/Kingston/Richmond) is a good move, and the fast line between Waterloo and Euston will help out a lot when travelling across London to get onto a northbound train.

  10. What none of this gives an account of is capacity. We know that people will use the tube but what you need are bigger stations and more frequent train. That's a massive engineering feat but really, it's got to be done at some point. I don't know how many of you have seen what Victoria is like at rush hour...

  11. I get to work on a tram :)

  12. Who gives a fuck?

  13. Me of course, who else? :)

  14. Any idea how the Kings Cross Eurostar connection is being worked, are they connecting to Waterloo or building a seperate line to connect to Ashford in facking Kent?
    The latter would be a dream for us Northern scum. It takes two hours by train from Leeds to Kings Cross but you need to add a big variable wodge on to get to Waterloo, so it's not worth it. Last year we went direct from Waterloo to the Alps (Moutier) in France in six hours. Moutier is 12 miles from the nearest ski resort. How cool is that?
    Whereas the nearest airport is 3 1/2 hours away from the slopes, plus you've got the wanking around of getting to the departure airport 2 hours beforehand, to an airport nowhere near civilisation. It's quicker on the train, and you can get pissed much, much better.

  15. The crosshatch is well engaged in the way of the Eurostar. On our quick foray oversees to Amsterdam we book Eurostar on the day the tickets went on sale and got some very very cheap first class tickets. Ace!
    One amusing scene that will always stay with me is the Eurostar peon offering me some pastries and saying 'Pain au chocolat sir?' before turning to Shinji and having giving him a brief evaluative glance asking 'Bread with chocolate sir?' :-)

  16. The Eurostar connection to Kings X is a seperate line that scoots around through some swampy wastelands on a sort of raised rail platform thing as I recall. Dunno about Ashford, is that in Texas?

  17. Ashford is in Kent; it's the other station on this side of the channel which Eurostars stop at.
    This site on London Transport Projects should answer some questions.

  18. It's a suburb in Houston as it happens.

  19. I bet I know which one existed first