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Monday 19 July 2004

Lairs, damn lairs and statistics [muz]

lair   (lâr)

  1. The den or dwelling of a wild animal.
  2. A den or hideaway.

As regular readers may be aware, the members of EED are an arrogant and prideful bunch. However, we tend to take particular pride in our lairs, those places where we sit, kings of our domains, inflicting ownage upon peons and clannies alike.
Now, we've had a couple of blogs on lairs prior to this: blog 627 in which the right honourable Amnesiah asked for advice as to what he should include when designing his 'ultimate' lair (the results of which have yet to be blogged, by the way); and blog 411, which starts off with Houmous posting an innocuous picture of a new TFT in situ in his nu-age minimalist quasi-lair, which then rapidly descended into a melee of crosshatch denizens posting random pictures of their lairs. However, since most of these links are now defunct, I though I may as well kick off a new blog.
For those of you that don't know, I am scum. In fact, I am scum of the worst order, that of the student variety. It is my shame, my curse. Etcetera. Anyway, being a student, I am naturally somewhat limited in space, however recently, I have finally secured for myself a lair to call my own. w00t!
As you can see, it's very much a work in progess. I took a page out of Houmous' book and got the same table he's got from Habitat. I also bought a set of matching drawers, which have yet to be assembled.
The lame chair is soon to be replaced. I'm tempted by one of these, available from Viking Direct for one hundred english pounds.
I'm in two minds about the computer terminal thingy. On the one hand, it looks shocking, and is a ghastly reminder of times when I was very much restricted in terms of space. On the other, I'm planning on sticking at least one more box in here, so it could come in handy. That said, I could very well just get rid of it, grab an extra keyboard and mouse from somewhere and run both boxes off the same monitor (detailed in blog 471).
Anyway, that concludes the details of my plans. I now leave it to my exalted clanmates to provide suggestions, critiques, or pictures of their own lairs as inspiration.


  1. Or you could go for the saddo ubergeek total conversion job like this nutter.
    ( in case my wild guess at how to hyperlink with this thing is wrong)

  2. That '24th Century Design' bloke is trying to sell his StarTrek style home for US$1,000,000 on eBay if I'm not mistaken...
    Amusing how he's managed such a great fusion between StarTrek style tabletops (er, white plexiglass agogo) and what appears to be white MDF kitchen cabinets, which I could have sworn were on a recent 'Buy now, get one free' offer at Magnet. Charming!

  3. A link to Habitat in a clan blog? A link to HABITAT???
    Readers, students = scum.

  4. IKEA rocks. new lair kit2x LACK shelves2x JONAS desks2x NOMINELL chairs (v comfy)1x COMPLETE PWNAGE!!!11111 coughEdited for linkage - by the way, don't get the blue NOMINEL chair, it's got hideous faux denim 'pockets' on the back.

  5. Good work Spiny peon - commendable strategic placement of EED merch, too. (Lack of linkage bleat removed

  6. I hunted high and low for something suitable to use as lair furnature and in the end decided to stop messing about and got a man around from a local office furnature outfit. He listened to what I wanted, measured up the room and I chose something from a catalog with some custom dimensions. In the end I got a an unusual large corner desk with matching drawers on the left and a server cabinet on the right complete with rear access ports. Voila!

  7. Swipe me, that's fairly elite!
    Was it a bit dearer than stores, not much different or eye-wateringly ouch involving?
    /me thumbs the yellow pages

  8. About a grand. So yes, way more expensive but it's a lot better quality than bargain furnature stuff. Well that and you just can't buy anything like this off the shelf really. This bloke came around with catalogs, measured it all up and did it for me and a week later a van with burly blokes turns up and assembled it all in the room. Bosh.