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Sunday 11 July 2004

GI Diet [slim]

I'm doing the GI diet ( at the mo, and fuck me if it's not working well. The trick to it is avoiding things that turn into glucose quickly, so carbs are rated according to the speed of digestion. The plan is to avoid things that give you a quick rush and keep your blood sugar on an evan keel. You then don't have the falls that come with the peeks and don't have the cravings that come with that. The other benefit of eating foods with a low GI (glycemic index by the way) is that they stick in your tummy for longer, so you don't feel hungry as quick. The result is to basically eat like a caveman avoiding all processed foods that break down too quick.
The nice thing about it is there's very little diet faggotry going on at all, you dont weigh stuff, in fact you eat pretty well. You just have to avoid the red items. Some are a surprise too, like baked potatos. There's a couple of changes to your meals you have to bear in mind, like keeping pots and pasta to only a 1/4 of the plate, and filling the rest with meat n veg, that kind of thing.
The problem with this is, it's pretty hard to avoid processed foods these days, which has been a bit of an eye opener. Most bread is out, instead I've been baking high fibre shit myself. I'm finding it easy to follow though, the straightforward rules makign it easy to spot foods that are in our out.
I've not been tracking the scales much, but I'm on my last hole on my belt and my pants are too big, so I know its working well. What I like though is the idea that I can keep these guides in my head as a general lifestyle thing and not really behave like I'm on a diet at all. Suits me!


  1. Im bad at sticking to diets, Im the easiest person in the world to tempt. The only thing that works for me is eating 'sensible' trying to keey away from obvious bad stuff, like fried chicken and the like! But the thing is that I have to keep onto myself to continue to get exercise as much as I can, at least 5 days a week either playing footie or in the gym. Working so far, down 2 belt notches :)

  2. That's where this is strong, it's not like a weight watchers thing where you have to weigh shit or count points. You just avoid high GI stuff, eat low GI Stuff. It's kind of like educating yourself properly whats good and whats bad, and there's quite a bit I used to eat a lot of that I thought was good stuff and it turns out it isn't.

  3. I know I'm a skinny bugger but a pot belly shows when you're skinny and a wetsuit won't lie either.I lost 2 stone last year by doing my own variation on the aitkin stuff. Do aitkin but add in loads of veg (think this stacks up to a high protein diet rather than aitekin high fat).I never realised how many calories exist in a man size portion of cereal - omlette and ham for breaky is tons lower in calories (ie sub 300) plus eggs are actually fully of good cholestrol. Drop beer and drink red wine. Drop pasta and have more veg. Have extra veg with a sainsbury curry rather than rice. Drop bread sandwiches and have the crispbread things and cheese for lunch (I love crackers and cheese anyway). Tons of veg? Not being a veg/fruit man myself,I'm now probably eating the healthiet I ever have, and don't minds either cos I can have tons of the food I like too.
    My wife on this same diet totally cured her polysistic ovarian syndrome (can't spell!!!), something 10-20% of women have and one of the main reason people struggle to have kids. If only we'd known this, rather than looking at IVF which is pretty serious stuff to get into (luckily number 2 arrived before spending the money). I wish doctors would open their minds to some pretty basic alternative approaches to solving health problems with tablets and operations.

  4. hi im finding it hard with the snack stuff not to sure what i can snack. i have been snacking on speacial k bars. are they any good for this deit? and im still feeling hungry, do i eat fruit when i feel hungry? apart from that im fine going really well

  5. No, you're still a fat bastard.

  6. Special K bars are pants I'm afraid. The trick is to snack on high fibre stuff, fills you up and stops you eating more. Nuts and fruit are good. I also make high fibre muffins which fill a hole too, if you know what I'm saying?

  7. I love filling a good hole with my muffin, know what I'm saying?