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Thursday 26 August 2004

V- Fest - full story and pics! [Houmous]

Full story? - well errr Lurks and I went to V-Fest with Di and some of my other mates. We got toasted, saw some good bands and ate loads of mushrooms - well actually I couldnt eat loads of mushrooms because Lurks ate them all errr thats it.

Oh and amazingly it didnt rain while the festival was on!

Anyway - the piccies are here and the movies of Lurks "behaving unusually" are here (34mgs)and here (25mgs)

Hehe - Seriously we really have to sort out a EED posse for Glasto next year!


  1. omg, it's Alan Titchmarsh!

  2. Tell me, what words or thoughts come to mind when you look at that first photo of Lurks I posted above? What would you think if you turned a corner on a dark street one night to find this man standing there looking like this? hehe

  3. Pah, I've seen him in far more terrifying states than that. Although admittedly without the rather fetching hat.
    Out of interest, what class of accommodation do you get at things like this? I've always been turned off Glasto and the likes because frankly I'm a big fan of pillows, showers and what have you... The thing I went to last weekend was using student accommodation and that's about as low as I'll go. Yes yes, I am a nancy boy...

  4. ROFL - thats some funny shit! I hope Lurker's colleagues don't read this site :)

  5. Shinji, it's a bring your own tent gig - and judging by the "most amazing sight" as displayed in the clip, it's not exactly the Hilton :)