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Tuesday 3 August 2004

Vote for me, I'll scare the crap out of you [brit]

For fucks sake vote for Kerry you Yankees.
I can't vote, none of EED can as far as I'm aware, but if you're American, eligible to vote, and reading this: VOTE KERRY.
Bush is a grade A cuntlord and I'm heartily sick of him using 'terrorism' as a card to trump any and all criticisms, fuck it - even genuine questions, with.
'Mr Bush, why is it that over 10,000,000 Americans are illiterate?' 'Uhm, well its.. LOOK OVER THERE! TERRORISM! AIEEEEEE! GO TO LEVEL ORANGE!'
'Mr Bush, why is my grandmother denied medical care despite having paid taxes for the last 60 years?' 'Uhm, thats because we operate.. TERRORISM IN OUR MIDST! AIIIEEEEEE!'
It's bullshit, it's utter utter bullshit.
Amazingly (or not) the latest batch of scaremongering horseshit to come out of the White House is that a man in Pakistan, an AGENT OF TERROR, had emails on his lappy identifying targets in the US of A.
Fine. OK, cool, ramp up the alert, inform the people, secure teh targets.
But what's this? the intel is NEARLY FOUR YEARS OLD? Are the phonelines from Pakistan really that fucked? Do they use the Royal Mail to communicate this shit? Or, has Bush's myriad moronic cronies decided that by chucking this out, Kerry will lose some of that super fabby 7 point lead?
And where's the evidence eh? Oh, THERE it is.
Ladies & Gentlemen of the United States of America, BEHOLD YOUR EVIDENCE:
Look everyone, evidence of terrorist plotting


  1. It's the fault of his scriptwriters. They think it's really funny that Bush can't pronounce certain words and therefore delight in him using the word 'turrzm' a lot. Just you wait, when they get bored it'll be all about North Korea and Bush will be yakking on about 'nooculer periferation' again.

  2. Brit, I know you believe everything you read, but apparently this information that's been collected for some time, some as old as four years, identifies an number of targets, one of which is the WTC where 3,000 people died. On the one hand you've got people wanting to put the Bush admin in the dock because they didn't act on info regarding 9/11, now there's a big public reaction and there's an outcry that he's only doing it for votes. Much of this information might be old, but it's only recently fallen into the hands of the authorities, so whats the problem? So he might be playing on his commitment to home defence in his campaign, so what? The heightened defence is justified in the wake of what happened just a couple of years ago isn't it?

  3. I would say, no it isn't Slim. You've both pointed out (although your comment took a serious initial detour) that the information is as old as fuck. Now seriously, anyone who thinks that Citigroup and the NYSE etc is a surprising potential target is just talking total shit.
    My lot, as with all others, have monthly briefings with MI5, MI6 and the CIA. No really they do. It's amazing what our corporate security guys get up to when you're talking the fundamental total safety of the financial system. This has been going on since (and before) 9/11.
    This latest is basically worrying but no more than what every informed person should have already been expecting.
    Is it worrying yes. Is it new, no. Nothing new here people, move on as you have for the past 4 years.