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Wednesday 13 July 2005

Don't Throw Away That Expensive AGP Card Just Yet [Spiny]

This mainboard gets the big thumbs up from one of Anand's chums.

It suppports PCIe and AGP 8x rather well.

More here./me adds to wish list along with a 939 Athlon...


  1. Ahhh vidcards. Home of the beserk and insane. How I wish I didn't like 'em so much....

  2. 6 months later and this comment is coming to you via ASRock 939 Dual SATA2 power. It's been pretty stable so far. I've just had a couple of instances with funnies on a cold boot. One blue screen after resuming (successfully) from hibernate and once stuck on the windows boot screen. But hey, I was prepared for this, it's an AMD board after all ;) Anand mentioned a problem from cold boot in the review so maybee it's something similar. Their problem was solved with a BIOS update so I'm not sweating. It could be my PSU of course (350W) but I don't think so as it's been rock solid in games (BF2, DoD Source, FEAR & Chaos Theory).I quite fancy a Creative X-Fi but the 79 page thread on the Creative forums has put me off a bit. Apparently performance dies when you have lots of voices & CMMS-3D Headphone turned on.That leaves a nice new case and keyboard or a boring 460W PSU as alternatives.

  3. Spiny, you have forgotten Am's 2nd Law of Computing;
    No f$%*ing Creative EVER!
    The company's product list as described by its own users on lord knows how many forums for what the last 7 or 8 years is a disgrace. It is quite astonishing how they have risen to the prominance they enjoy given that product after product after product has had really the most serious flaws - all hype and glitz with no substance. The "24 bit card" that was errr really 16 bit, the multiple failures of successive Live cards with faulty mic-ins, the horrible horrible horrible bloatware that swamps your pc, the appalling inherent sound quality of the things and the endless ins and outs (S/PDIF on a creative ffs) which appear to offer endless possibilities but when you consider the price you realise just how appalling cheap and crap those connections must be. It's an age old story and that company is long overdue sorting itself out. My new rule is not to buy from companies that treat me like a sucker or treat me badly. I don't buy from Creative and I think I'm shortly not going to be buying from Vodafone. But that's another blog.