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Wednesday 6 July 2005

New Battlefield 2 box [Beej]


  1. I installed the patch at work yesterday. Seems they may have broken more than they've fixed. One glaring bug I saw was that choppers now seem to goto full throttle when you jump out of them. So they fly off into the sky and take ages to self destruct and thus respawn. Such an obvious thing too. Do EA/dice not employ testers???

  2. It doesn't look like it. Memory leak with the 1.01 server win & lin. EA have suggested everyone reinstall the game to get back to 1.0

  3. That's mad. They're really fucking this up. How can you not test and discover this shit? Fucking idiots.

  4. yay, a blame the testers thread :)
    I love these, its clearly the testers fault, not the hundreds of developers working on the game for not coding properly and then fixing the bugs or indeed the publishers for rushing the release to fit their marketing and shit - nope, its the blokes on 5.50 an hour, cunt0rs :D
    Thats why This is Football is crap too, bloody testers ;)

  5. Vagga you fool, I wasn't blaming the testers. I was blaming EA/Dice for not employing any to test it. What I also want to know is why none of the Game sites have actually quized/grilled EA on why they're raping us up the back passage!

  6. Vagga has a point "its the blokes on 5.50 an hour, cunt0rs" - bang on the money there; they're employed to test and perform QA, and didn't! Sack 'em, Sack 'em all!
    Tell EA and Dice to sort their miserable fucking lifes out and stop churning out beta crap as retail product; BF2 has, after a weeks worth of playing, been a complete let down compared to what I was actually expecting.
    Oh, and give GaySpy the fucking push whilst you're at it; lamers with their lame ass GaySpy Arcade and their ridiculous inability to let me use my real nick. Turd!

  7. I have been trying to play on ranked servers for the last couple of nights, see if I cant unlock some of the funkier stuff. But getting onto a server is a nightmare. It took me about 40 minutes to get onto a server, and then that was on the east coast of the US, and the lag was amazing. I thought having a 4 meg connection to your gaff meant lag was a thing of the past :(
    Between server filters not working, half the servers not being patched, there seemingly only being a couple of hundred servers world wide for hundreds of thousands of players - bah..
    EA Suck Piss..
    Once your in game, and not lagged, 64 palyer is quite fun, but tbh I prefer the games we used to play between ourselves on DC.

  8. About the testers thing, actually we just said it wasn't tested right? Clearly it wasn't. I would have thought if testers were involved at any point, then we wouldn't have these ridiculous problems. Ergo it can't be the fault of testers because they've all been sacked when retail shipped or something...

  9. As someone who works in QA I love these threads! I dont expect them from people like EED who generally know how things work. They usually come from 12 year old CS style weenies.
    I have worked on games that had several thousand bugs in a bug database upon release. I know of a one of EA's big franchise games developed north america last year that had over 12,000 open bugs in its bug database upon release. Thats a lot of bugs. Football Manager did not have that many bugs in total in our DB (open and closed!)
    Testers find bugs, log them. In most companies thats where it ends. In most publishers testers are thought about like pond scum, and a nice target to assign blame to when things go wrong.
    Programmers fix some things and dont fix others, you never know which and why this was fixed and that was not :)
    Marketing and business people decide release dates, ages and ages in advance, so come date x the game will go gold no matter what. In most games publishers they would not even ask the QA guys their opinion if they think it should be released or not. The suits talk to the producer who says, "yes fine" - even tho the cunt0r may not have played the game and prolly knows feck all about the issues in the game as he has been working 16 hours a day in meetings with various suits :).
    In PC games its worse, as there is no process to go thru to get the game published, like you have to do on a console. So you can literally release shit in a box :)
    Its quite common in this business to have a release 'forced on you'. You do not think said game was done and you need more time to fix issues, but you were forced to release it as it will cost 5 large figures to pospone the release, book space at retail again etc etc -> so lets just release a crap game and patch it on day 1 ie: BF2 :(

  10. That's mighty informative there but I'm a little puzzled why you've gone into expert puff mode here. These presures to release you talk of, let's just accept and understand as fact since we've seen this crap before time and time again. However what is being discussed here is a patch.
    They released a patch which breaks shit loads and fixes fuck all. It's hard to see what commercial impetus there could have been behind that decision?
    So either the patch wasn't tested or someone mysteriously just decided to release a half-written finished patch with a large open bug log. I really don't know how discussing this blatant failure at some point turns us into fucking 12 year old CS stylw weenies somehow...

  11. It just pisses me off that people assume the testers have not logged anything and are sitting about on their arses when the simple reality is that in games publishers no one gives a monkeys what testers say or do, and will release a game with tens of thousands of bugs when they want - bugs fixed or not.

  12. BF2 goes MMPORG (ish)
    Choice marketroid quotes:

    "unique community"
    "cool features"
    "superior game experience"
    "priority selection for ... public ranked servers"
    "not only for the hardcore gamer ... great environment for those new to the Franchise"

    EA corporate management are sleeping soundly at night knowing that BF2 is now an online $$$CASH COW$$$
    I would have been happy with a one-player game, that's the sad thing...