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Tuesday 12 July 2005

RSS Group Hug [Slim]

Wanna do a quick rss love-in please, if you've got some fanny-tastic rss's you can't live without post em in reply so I can make more efficient use of my timewasting.
My current list:
EED: Nuff said:
Penny Arcade: Online comic thing, we know the score:
The Register: IT news, not sure why this is an odd rss url, dont remember where i gots it from:
Slashdot: Getting a bit tired of it tbh, but still:
Blues News: Old fave, not much content these days but good for linkage:
Eurogamer: seem to have vaped screenshots off the rss at last, so they're forgiven:
BBC News: Best website in the world still:
Sophos Virus alerts: Incoming!
Security focus vulnerabilityes: More incoming:
Security focus news: Even more incoming:
NME: Sadly can't find a scrape of the uk one, unoffial usa one:

1 comment:

  1. Random selection:The ex .NET Rocks co-presenter Rory Blyth's blog is worth the occasional read. His latest is a funny story about Star Wars Galaxies. Who's life would be complete without MSDN Just published. You'd never guess that Rocky Lhotka plays BF2 (Illiante). And Chris Sells is often has interesting stuff.