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Friday 15 July 2005

We are not afraid [Am]

Quite a lot of the clan live in London or there abouts so you might think it strange that no-one blogged, as yet, on the aftermath of the bombs. I think that it's obviously a personal thing on which I certainly don't represent the clan in this post, but I do have a few things I'd like to say....
There have been some magnificent responses to what happened from, of course, the emergency services on the day through to the public show of support in the two minute silence today. As well as the respect for the people who perished and were hurt I sense there is also a very strong determination in a huge number of right thinking people in the country that the UK's united country, united people ideals will not be thwarted by twisted extremism.
A website has been set up and received bbc coverage for simple images uploaded from across the world expressing solidarity and support for London.
In looking through the pages there I had three main thoughts
i) I'm really very pleasantly surprised just how much support has been posted up by european people for London in the wake of the bombings. It's very nice to see a huge outpouring of support from germany, holland and france to name but three. Thanks.
ii) There's a huge amount of people in this world who like to post a picture of a fluffy cat or small dog with "Not Afraid" next to it. I actually don't mind this. But it sure as hell reminds me about how many, probably very nice, people in the world there are who can't face reality what-so-friggin-ever. Bless you.
iii) There's a number of really nicely meant thoughts put the way of London but which obviously come from people who are actually a hell of a lot more scared than Londoners themselves were in response to last thursday;
Here it was pretty different....
When people post "we're not afraid" it's simply a nice piece of sloganeering. It's support and that's cool. But you know, here where it happened, there was a core of steel that has made me proud of being a part of London and which is so palpably real its not just some bullshit piece of counter-propaganda. It really has stunned me just how public and strong this feeling is. In this city in the last few days, and in fact on the day itself, London's legendary stiff upper lip re-asserted itself in a new but very profoundly strong way.
In the days that followed the bombings, you might have expected a city and a nation to get fearful and worried about what happened.
Did it? Did it fuck.....
What has followed is everything that is great about Britain and its spirit. In a hundred thousand instances, the response has been to put back a public face that says a mountain-sized "FUCK YOU" to the people who would seek to disrupt our lives.
I would not want anyone to think that "London handled it better" because of course observations on responses to terror are not a relative exercise compared to others. The facts, drivers and circumstances are utterly different.
But the London bombings caused a response from the british nation which millions of people are expressing from the fibre and the bones of the country and I'd say the message repeatedly from literally those millions of voices has been this;
*Not remotely fuckin scared of you
*No fuckin chance we'll change because of you
*You cannot possibly hope to defeat our spirit
It might be a bit hard for outsiders to understand that there truly is no sloganeering or ra-ra-britain content in this blog. To those opposed to our values, if you remotely fail to understand the above three bullet points or doubt them then I say to you, you really have no clue about Londoners and the British people.
London is proud to be multi-cultural, multi-racial. You can do what you like but you've never picked on a less receptive, prouder, stronger city than London. So to the cowards that would try to change us understand one thing very plainly
- Here, truly, the more you try, the less effective you'll be....


  1. I'd like to vote this as your best blog frankly, not overly wordy or trying to show your mastery of language or grammar.
    On the downside, "one swallow does not a summer make", but I would expect london to survive several of these attacks before a lifestyle imapct occured.
    Unlike Spain or France for example, who's sterotypical image implies a great deal less fortitude.
    Recovering the bodies from the affected underground trains, with vermin and the current heatwave. Fuck me, doesn't bear thinking about. Next time we feel like moaning about our public servants, try and remember the sometimes awful things a select few have to cope with.
    I would say though, Londoners of the blitz and current londoners are different. Different generations, different goals, expectations and cultures. I sincerely hope there are no more attacks, obviously, but examples from the past don't always hold true in todays fast forward culture.

  2. Pardon me here, but could it be that so many people are getting on with their lives and keeping going as (thank god) not many people have been directly effected by the issues in London. Lurks missus is the only person I know who knows someone directly involved in the awful events (again, thank god these fuckers did not target live8 or something huge). It is easier to keep going when you know all around you is fine.
    I think New York was different as 3000 people died and two massive landmarks vanished from the skyline. So all kinds of people were effected. One of the birds I live with was living in NY then. She knew several people who died from one company she worked with a few times, the company vanished with one of the towers.
    She wont talk about it at all, and when shots of the two towers come on TV she will stand up, calm as you like, and leave the room.
    I think, looking back, thank the bloody lord these fellas were not pro's - as pro's would have had more explosive on them I would have thought and it would have been even more of a nightmare than it was..

  3. I completely echo and applaud Am's comments.
    We received a company wide email this morning informing us that one of our colleagues here "didn't survive" - she's been missing since the events of July 7th and most of us figured it was only a matter of time before such an email was sent.
    We may not have lost as many people as New York on 911, but millions were directly affected as one of the great London symbols - the underground - was attacked.
    The terrorists did not succeed, and will never succeed; London has been bombed before, and will undoubtedly be bombed again - yet the overall effect is to draw multi cultural dynamic London closer to itself.
    These people will never win - we are better, and will always be better, than them and those who support them.

  4. My da regularly reads, he passed on an interesting article I felt should be shared here.The core content of the article deals with suicide bombing. "Professor Pape says that while al-Qaeda terrorists are twice as likely to be from a country where radical Salafist/Wahhabist Islam is widely practiced, they are 10 times more likely to have come from a country that has U.S. troops stationed in it."For more on it read here.

  5. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people are shot by police every year in Brazil, a BBC investigation has this article to a friend (to Mrs de M,Shooting your son was a tragedy. A terrible accident. As British people, we were a little highly strung and the authorities were running around chasing shadows. But please, stop coming to London to wail and sob and point the finger at the Nazi British Police / Sinister Evil Security Service / Ruthless Army / Bent Politicians.As you can see from this enlightening story by Her Britannic Majesty's Media Empire the BBC, Brazil itself is pretty fucked up when it comes to shooting people so perhaps pot shouldn't be calling kettle black quite so loudly.Toodle pip,U. K. Gentry

  6. Beej I think you're a rantor without portfolio on this one. The woman's having a go at police who shot her son. She hasn't said anything about he wouldn't have been shot if the police weren't english. She could be ranting at brazilian police. Or she could be an english woman ranting at english police. Or she could be an english woman ranting at brazilian police for killing her english son. There's no difference. I can't see what the feckin relevance of her nationality is whatsoever.