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Wednesday 10 October 2007

Digital Delivery, The future today! [Slim]

What a morning for digital delivery! I awoke this morning, got my early net fix while eating me breakky, and what do I find? Not only is Half Life 2: EP2 and Portal busy decrytpting themselves (after a steam restart - why won't they fix that?), but Radioheads newest is also online and legitimately available to download.

I trotted to work with it on my ipod, a very happy bunny indeed!

So these things have arrived to me without transport waste, without packaging to throw away, without any installation time as the games were pre loaded and the radiohead stuff didn't need to be ripped, without any pain in the arse drm on the Radiohead album, without the need to find the cd when I play HL:Ep2. Pretty much everything we've ever asked for, right now, today.


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