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Tuesday 2 October 2007

Teamfortress 2 (TF2) - Fix List Redux [Lurks]

It's been, ooo, hours since we've had a TF2 blog so it's high time for another. Obviously valve continue to tweak the game with server updates. Also with more play time I think we're starting to nail down some things that ought to be changed/fixed. Here's my list.
  1. Sudden death. This needs a rework. If you're on 2fort2 and you have 2 caps and the other guy has 0 caps, when the game times out the guys with 2 caps should WIN and not have the entire thing stalemated just because some dick hides inside his spawn point.
  2. Equally, on CP maps, if it should be necessary to sudden death - by the time the timer runs down to zero, the team with the most amount of captured points should win. This forces you out of your base.
  3. Bring back FF. It was retarded to remove it.
  4. Nerf the scout shotgun somewhat. I think it has been a little so far, but still this isn't a game for teenage bunnyhoppers exclusively - they shouldn't be able to run around killing everything and every one.
  5. Spys need a backstab cooldown. It's really not cricket they can just run behind a dozen guys and kill them all instantly.
  6. Spys need a maximum number of saps they can have active at once. One spy should not be able to sap 20 engineer items thus garanteeing a bunch of gear kills and points. Spys should play as a team TOO.
  7. Server or ideally per-map specified class limits. We prefer not to have to kick people when YET ANOTHER DICK has gone sniper. Hell, it'd be nice to be able to set sniper = 0 tbh. They don't add anything whatsoever to the game.
  8. More maps, natch. Getting a bit tired of the originals. Don't care if your research says multiplayer guys play the same maps over and over (dust), you appear to want to bring this game into the mass market - time to stop pandering to old ideas like that.
  9. Remove the silly actually-damaged-regens-medic-faster stuff - at least during warm upRocket jumping in map warm-up to charge your medic is a tactic that shouldn't be required.
  10. Stop being able to kill other team mates in set-up. Sigh, snipers between gaps in the map. What is the point of them?
  11. There's clearly some cheats that need fixing. I was on a map and saw it capped inside of ten seconds. The guy must have been in observer and able to cap or something.
  12. Scouts and custom levels of cl_ rates appear to be able to generate a warping effect making them even more difficult to hit. Some sort of solution needed.
  13. Let's have an active timer on screen at all times.
  14. Enhanced voice comms: It'd be nice to havetypes of talk key. Global, team/radio andlocal shout keys and with a speech bubble or something. Global comms, give a radio effect. Openglobal chat on map score summaries.


  1. Here here.

    I think sudden death should be binned entirely; there really is no point to it. On all maps, teams inevitably turn turtle and simply wait out the draw. If this occurs after a 30 minute hard fought 2-0 (in your favour) battle, then what is the point? Base winning/losing/drawing on the number of points controlled or times the intelligence is captured.

    The scout and the spy have serious balance issues. Despite the pyro now being a mobile Hiroshima, he is still extremely easy to pull down and the range of his 'thrower is imo, right - not too long, not too short. The scout and spy however are both overpowered and overspec'd, leading to people playing these outside the scope of anything team related. As per your post, these classes should be nerfed with appropriate damage reductions and cooldowns.

    Definitely more maps. Valve's current position is bullshit - this game will kill itself off through lack of variety if its not careful; so get your fingers out and deliver at least another 4 maps please.


  2. The class limits is a great idea. Maybe introduce a team leader mechanism and have the lead set the class ratios for the game to direct the strategy or be able to force people to switch to a specific class. Snipers have their uses occasionally, just not most of the time.

    I'd also like to be able to identify who is speaking over voice more easily. Put the player name in the speech bubble. I know it's down on the rhs of the screen, but that's too far off cross hairs to be quickly readable.

    Oh and can you turn off the auto taunt stuff? I'm sure shed thought I was griefing on him the other night with that. It's for weenies.
    Something else - Quake Wars Enemy Territory has something pretty nifty. It keeps track of the class balance in the team & how your team is doing vs the objective. When you're at the limbo screen it puts a star next to the class which you should choose to benefit the team most.

  3. I wish there were more server-side options and more power for server admins. We just got our server running and co-location from Everything is really well but keeping everything under control gets tough!

  4. I wish there were more server-side options and more power for server admins. We just got our server running and co-location from Everything is really well but keeping everything under control gets tough!