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Monday 29 October 2007

Fatlash USA [Slim]

Doctors apparently aren't doing fat people any favours by telling them being fat is bad for your health. This is the USA 'fatlash', a fat backlash vs what they think is unfair discrimination vs their weight, there's a video covering the rebelion on youtube:

There's even a lobby group, - national association to advance fat acceptance, who basically get together and tell each other how pretty and wonderful they are. That's all well and good, but let's be realistic, if you stop telling people it's bad to be fat, won't people be inclined to do nothing about it?

There is some hint of the truth here, however. Simply telling fat people to get thin or they'll die really isn't always going to help, and for many obese it's going to make things worse. There's many complex reasons why people are obese, and dealing with these issues effectively simply isn't happening in the main.

Saying it's fine to be fat isn't the right way either though, obesety does kill after all.


  1. You know, there might be a knock on effect here that the NAAFA crowd haven't really considered, and that effect is to revolutionise public healthcare and possibly, power generation.

    If two thirds of a population numbering some 250,000,000 are seriously overweight or obese, these people are going to have significant health related issues as they grow older - many more issues than their MediCare plans are going to be able to pay out for.

    The US government will therefore be faced with a challenge; either radically overhaul the healthcare system and provide free access to all, or allow the fatties to pile up and in turn pull down the economy as tens of millions of citizens become an zero-contributory factor/plus sized drain on the great economic equation.

    However, this isn't about being fat or "at one with your body" - this is about not being stupid. When it gets to the point that you cannot see your feet or clasp your hands in front of you, changes need to happen. No amount of doughnuts or fried chicken is going to stop you karking it and leaving behind a truly mountainous corpse.

    Now onto power... with that many fat dead people knocking around (or even if they're not dead - a kind of Logan's Run based on weight as opposed to age), you shove them in a big furnace and burn 'em; think fat-fired power stations with an almost inexhaustible supply of self-generating fuel!


  2. He's right, you'd get a heck of a lot of power out of incinerating the average American. What's more, relatives take the ashes away. Could the next wave of green energy be power lines sprouting from crematoriums?