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Friday 19 October 2007

Dodgy TF2 Voice Comms [Am]

Sometimes you post something up for a blog which must be, logically, so covered elsewhere, previously, that it seems a bit silly. However, even tonight, several weeks indeed months into playing a cracking game or three of TF2 there were several clannies complaining about voice comms in TF2.

I don't get this since the ones over Source generally worked perfectly well. However common complaints with TF2 voice comms (and I am suffering from this on a basic mobo without any uttershite(tm) creative reverb overlining) appear to be a random application of reverb / echo on a voice or loopback and particularly distortion on input vocals from almost everyone.

I think more than me would be grateful if those with experience could explain the nature of the problems and how to sort them out.

This has been a public enjoyment aural sortage broadcast; we thank you.


  1. You sure you're not getting confused with the environmental effect on vocals TF2 does? Underwater shit, stuff like that?


  2. As Slim said, the reverbs and whatnot come from the game environmental effects, which get slapped on the voice comms aswell on my integrated p.o.s. sound chip. Quite a few people break up due to their mic input being too loud. So if everyone could do a local test on their voice comms settings and maybe raise their voice a bit... Lurks tends to go into distortion mode quite often ;)


  3. You wouldnt have these problems if you used a proper Creative Soundblaster soundcard.


  4. No problems on X-Fi here :)


  5. Righty, a lot of the problem is that people use the test and just talk normally. Also at least one person has confused the transmit level with a mic recording level. There is no in-game control for the recording level of your microphone. You need to go to your sound mixer and select your microphone. This is a bit easier on XP since the general mixer you can just select 'recording' in properties and select it. In Vista it's burried in the audio devices, have a dig around for it.

    Now what you need to do is use 'test microphone' in game and make a good woot sound as load as you probably are going to make one in game. If it distorts, and odds are it will, alt-tab back to windows and reduce the recording level and try again until it doesn't distort. If you feel you need to compensate for standard volume, raise the transmit level in game.