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Thursday 18 October 2007

What is quidco? [Beej]

quidco claims it is a cashback co-operative, but by definition I don't see how it is a co-operative other than in spirit. What it actually seems to be is a click-through referral portal offering percentage discounts off the big sellers.

But guess what... it isn't evil, and it works!

I signed up when I wanted to buy my big telly. Cost of Samsung LE37M87 1080p telly on Amazon, £830. Cost of same telly on, £770. Free discount code found from Googling, take £25 off that. Quidco offer 3.5% off, that's another £26 saved! Final price £745, with Quidco wiring £20 to my current account (they've already taken £5 for their annual fee... fine by me!).

And that's it. Really, that's all there is to it. They've got people like BT and the AA up there too, its not just white goods.

Look on for offers, and ensure you enter the shop you're buying from by clicking through from quidco. And if your cashback doesn't turn up, they try to track it down for you.

Pretty amazing really - a discount site that actually works and doesn't screw you over with marketing, insult you, spam you, or steal your so-called cashback.


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