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Monday 26 April 2004 [beej]

Just to let you know that BBC marketing finally accepted defeated in the case that BBCi is a nonsense brand name. I know it was nonsense because you all told me so when that name came in.
So the BBC website will be rebranded, referred to, and promoted as '' and that's just a victory for common sense. The grey 'i' in the corner of every page will slip off quietly.

Interactive TV gets lumbered with BBCi, which is fine because no-one uses it anyway.
For the patriots amongst us, hurray for it not being the very un-British domain.


  1. I used bbci for test the nation! The only other good use of interactive telly is Millionaire, which doesn't have a silly brand name to hide under.

  2. The 'interactive' stuff they sometimes do with sport is quite good. Switch off the eejit commentators, watch proper anaysis and highlights while the match is on, that kind of stuff. Not quite as good as Sky's but then BBCi doesn't have the bandy available.

  3. Ummm, don't you family types have to use interactive to be bored shitless with that Wanking With Dinosaurs bab?

  4. The examples given above are about accessing TV you can't get elsewhere rather than extra content, which in the case of factual shows is a bit like naff DVD extras on a loop.
    As Slim says, TTN is actually interactive with the show, you play the quiz in real-time and it gives you a score at the end of it.
    To add to what Jon has said...
    The Sport stuff is the best BBCi offering, and commentators/highlights is the standard footy/rugby app. Snooker at the moment let's you choose the table to watch, and Wimbledon - the jewel in the crown - is all about picking which court or looking at geekstats. The BBCi newsloops/multiscreen is the right idea but is slightly let down by its lack of bandy (something Sky don't have to worry about for Sky Active (which unlike BBCi is digital satellite only anyway)).