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Tuesday 27 April 2004

Beckham, ASLEEP! [brit]

Oh jesus, GET A LIFE.
David Beckham sleeping = art
So you put a camera in front of David Beckham, and you filmed him sleeping for over an hour, and you think it's *ART* ?
Fuck off love. This is what happens when the pot noodle generation get given enough grant money to stop them having to get proper jobs, or actually do something that doesn't involve a 15 minute trip to Dixons and knowing some bloke with a VCR.


  1. she prolly got a state grant of 4 million quid to do it :)
    A whole week of newspapers and tv with no david poxy beckham - that would be art :)

  2. I'm gonna get me one of these. Oh yes. Imagine how fabulous it would be if thousands of people started wearing em.