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Tuesday 20 April 2004

HL2: the new DNF [beej]

A quote out from Gabe Newell:

'We've already spent millions into this project, and we're willing to spend as much as we need to make this the best first person experience ever. If that means delaying the game to 2005, we'll do it without any hesitation.'

I've heard this shit somewhere before, and it involves another FPS hero character saving the world from aliens as well!
Begrudgingly, its what I don't want to hear and also do want to hear. I hate rushed games, I hate 18-month turnaround games, and I love ground-breaking big-on-story games.
But then, it was just about to come out six months ago, then someone mysteriously hax0red the source code and now it needs another year? And the latest on TF2 is that it is still in progress, it was just being converted to the Source engine?
This game is turning into a right saga. Pleeeeease tell me these delays aren't all down to Steam. That 'platform' just isn't worth it. It didn't have any problems delivering CS:CZ because... wait for it... no-one bought the fucking piece of shit! What is the official line on HL2 multiplayer anyway? Net play wasn't bad in HL at all, it was easy and pickup'n'play stuff - it was just trounced by the teamplay in TFC and then utterly usurped by CS.
We're good for games right now. We've got Doom 3 looming (right?) and then summer is coming up fast. So we basically need HL2 for August/September, no later Mr.Newell or else.


  1. Its vaporware - or close enough.Valve released ONE decent game, YEARS ago, and even that wasn't revolutionary, only evolutionary. Since then have lost almost every developer they had on the project, cancelled several projects, failed to release anything of significance, attributed a significant % of their sales figures to a mod made for free by a 3rd party, released a bugged as hell and unnecessary content distribution system, pissed off every cyber cafe owner in the world, etc, etc....
    Why the alarm bells haven't started ringing until now I don't know - last sep I was posting wondering if the game would ever actually get a release, it's becoming more obvious by the day.
    They have an unproven team, a track record of releasing hodge podge unprepared dogshit, leaked code showing they were nowhere NEAR finished despite press releases, and are writing their own engine - they've never done that before.
    It's like someone who made a bodykit and NOS pack for a Ford Escort deciding they are now going to manufacture a TVR - only after losing most of the staff. If anyones smoking crack, its anyone investing cash in HL2, and the game journos talking about it.

  2. It sickens me to the pit of my gut to admit to agreeing with afty, but its true. Valve suck shit. They've sucked shit since the day after Half Life was finished. The patches suck, TF sucks, TF2 never fucking existed, rickofuckingchet sucks, that stupid fucking quakeworld dm thing sucked and steam sucks fucking turds out of the ocean that have floated down the deepest blackest fucking chasm in there. Valve suck. Deal with it.
    Fucking funny when all you cocklords were upgrading your rigs for this bit of vapour last xmas, ho ho ho!

  3. Gamer are running a preview after a hands-on play in the US. It's some new info (and a pretty crap spoiler on a scenario) but early on the article it talks about release dates and says 'If there's one word you should take away from this article, it's this: Soon'
    Hey shit! What was that glint off that there knoll?

  4. I'm also in the Valve Suck Shit camp. The firm has been a disaster since Half-Life. The Half-Life mission packs weren't really any cop, they fucked up CS, they brought in Steam - probably the worst idea and worst implemented idea to hit multiplayer gaming - and then there's this ridiculous leak/hax0r thing which is delaying the game by a year. I'd have more time for them if they weren't just lying about all of that.
    Of course if you slap down HL2 on my desk, I'll give it a bash but they've used up their hyperbole credits with me, I'm just not interested in this until I hear someone say 'It's the best game ever!'. Oh and where the person saying that isn't on a magazine with an 'exclusive'.

  5. Valve suck. Vivendi suck. GameSpot has uncovered the fact that Valve's contract with VU Games would allow the publisher to delay the launch of the game by up to six months after the acceptance of a final (gold) version of the game - which could mean that the title doesn't appear until 2005.It wouldn't bother me as I can't really give a rat's about the game now (especially after the dissapointment of Doom 3), except that now I'm actually starting to resent hearing news about Valve. Who suck.

  6. Trouble with rockstar developers, they suddenly get all sorts of ideas. Like;

    Hey we're important enough that we'll put a system tray icon on your computer and leech content whenever we like!

    Which itself is just a symptom of the wankers thinking that they're bigger than the entire concept of a contract with a publisher. None of it has done them any favors. Vivendi blatantly have no idea what's going on with HL-2 because of all these woes and that means none of the press do either. You just get mixed messages out of Vivendi and Valve and the odd pack of lies from Valve.
    All of this sheer arrogance is also hiding behind the pretence that it's all for the gaming community. It's not for the gaming community, it's for them. Their over inflated sense of importance and their inability to develop a game in a reasonable time frame. And that's one thing, regardless of everything else, which they have been quite consistent at.

  7. I'll echo my clanmates sentiments here, and I'll do it in bold.
    Valve Suck Shit
    It is incredible that any company could fall so fundamentally from anything approaching grace. It is even more incredible that this same company can dare to inflict what the French would describe as:
    un abortione technicale
    Otherwise known as the Steam Content Delivery System. Which, if you rearrange the letters slightly, is an anagram of "Valve Suck Shit".
    In Battlefield 1942's mod "Desert Combat", one of the teams has at it's disposal a weapon known as a VSS. I kid you not.
    This is clearly an intentional comment from another developer that Valve Suck Shit
    Half Life 2 may arrive before Christmas, or they may suffer another setback. Either way, Half Life 2 is the software equivalent of Elvis - people claim to see it, yet nobody can stump up evidence when called upon.
    VSS. 'Nuff Said.

  8. If HL2 doesn't come out before I xmas I will be stalking them and their families. DONT RUIN CHRISTMAS VALVE!