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Friday 2 April 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 [lurks]

The demo is out. Here's a Ninja Fast link on Blueyonder. I installed it this morning and had a brief look around. Seems to have fixed quite a lot I hated about UT2K3 and the maps looked really nice. The vehicles look quite fun, there's a truck thing with two turrets on it and stuff. The menu stuff is very nicely implemented and it ran like shit off a shovel in 32-bit 1280x1024 on my rig.
I hate to say it but... it looks promising. We could switch atom heart mother over to the demo to have a kick about this evening?


  1. Leeching now, sounds good to swap games over on AHM.

  2. Yup yup, I have the demo and would love a kick about on ahm if it's on there. 9pm?

  3. The sods! They have to release this the weekend I'm travelling oop north for a family wedding. Bah! Had a quick DM blast last night & it looks loveley. Play seemed quicker than 2k3 but I don't know if that was server specific or not. You lot better still be playing this next week! I can't wait to run Lurks over in the car that chops people up ;)

  4. Um, by next week we'll be back onto proper games I should think. :)

  5. What's going on here, is UT now coming out every year? We've only just had UT2003 ffs!

  6. Only a few days to go. You must absolutely MUST fucking download and view the vids on victoryguide. Do it. Do it fucking now.Our very own Shinji-san has bunged up a mighty fine ut2004 review on Eurogamer here. He's got it about spot on really, well worth a read.

  7. Stats are still down, but since it was last updated EED player statistics look like this.
    Have sorted by efficiency because that's what makes me look best.

  8. The Stratos guide is up. Haven't read it yet so don't blame me if it's crap :)edit: This links directly to the torrent.