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Wednesday 14 April 2004

Photos to VCD [shedir]

Found this nifty wee app Memories on TV.
Lets you compile photo albums and gives the piccies transitional effects ala powerpoint.
Nothing surprising there.

But it burns it to VCD/SVCD and DVD!

So where's the fun and use in that you wonder. Mind all those digi photos you've got which your old folks moan about since they can't see em as they've no PC or skills? Bung it on a VCD and they can watch it through the wonder of television. Much moaning stopped and a damn sight cheaper than getting em printed for them to look at once.

You can have a soundtrack on the disk as well, perfect for wedding photos for example. All in all it's a good package and in this techno age will make you appear to be an utter Guru to the masses.


  1. All praise the Monkey God! Shed is bang on the money with this one.
    I tried it, and within ten minutes I'd burned a CD of our holiday snaps, complete with a fancy-schmancy menu, 'La Isla Bonita' as the backing music and some snazzy effects. Somehow, it manages to look classy... my mother will love it!

  2. How does the quality of the images compare with photoshop album vcds?

  3. Dunno, I've not got photoshop. Want to try it and see if thats better?

  4. I've had a spin with a couple of these apps. Photoshop Album was the worst quality. The best quality was Roxio Photosuite 7 (or 6), you'd think you were looking at a DVD slideshow.
    Cleverly, it also bundled on the VCD, an XP file viewer app and a folder with the original resolution pics, so if you bobbed it into a PC, it would run the app and show you the honey.

  5. Bloody hell, this is pretty good quality. I was expecting pants-o-rama but I've just created my first DVD with it, and the images are high quality, and the transitions are very very smooth. I embedded some videos but that's not worked out perfectly; the QTs are fine, I set them to scale to fullsize and they have, however the AVIs from my Ixus are mute, without sound and its a bit of a shame. Will look at this though.
    The menu side of things is a doddle, its just a shame there isn't a little more flexibility here because the soundtrack restarts if you change page and its only static images not video menus.