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Wednesday 1 September 2004

The digital age [Spiny]

The digital age has really arrived. I know this from the conversation I've just had with the Irene in our village shop. Bear in mind that we've not had broadband all that long (a year?) and we don't even have gas in the village.
We were chatting & she asked me how my broadband was going as her family had had it installed at activation like me. "Fine thanks," I reply "great for my gaming". She tells me that they've just upgraded to 1Mb and found it much better cos her son & husband play games too. I told her about EED & how we play a spot of DC, RS & UT.
Turns out her hubby & son play a spot of 1942 and a lot of DC for clan [RS]. *She* even plays on a casual basis. I was only mid way picking my jaw up from the floor when she went on to explain how they're in between servers at the moment but still manage regular praccys by jumping onto publics. She bought them all BF:V on the day of release but they haven't played it much due to the lag issues it had on release. Hubbys just upgraded to an Athlog 64 with 1Gig of RAM.
They've even got a proper command structure in their clan & use teamspeak. She asked about a friendly match & I said I'd pass the offer onto the guys at EED. Remember, this is a 40ish female shopkeeper in a rural Wiltshire village. So if you bump into any of [RS], in particular [RS]Hawkwind or [RS]Blackhawk be nice & pass on my regards to Irene.
If of course any of the clan fancy running over my village shopkeeper in an Abrhams then I'd be happy to arrange a friendly.


  1. Ahh, god bless British Telecom, and the Royal Mail

  2. First traditional question under these circumstances are - does she have nice baps :) . Oh alright, just in case they read this it's a long standing joke with clan reader slim and his wife who live on the Isle of Man. She does but it all got a bit confused on a teamspeak session. This resulted in teh legendary comment "I had to give her one to restore her self confidence". Slim wears the scar to this day.
    Not only good, reader, but true. It's no space for the faint hearted in teh crosshatch you know.....