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Monday 13 September 2004

People who link to [Brit]

I wondered how many other websites linked to our home on the web here.
So I found out (god bless Google).
For your delectation, I present, a list of people linking to us. Huzzah!
London bloggerspsimpson.netSitting on a Rock (by 'Steve')Music Plasma (whatever the fuck that is)J Walk Blog (with beards)Some tawdry article from aeons ago on UKG ;)Some bloke called Dave Tansley (with vanity domain)
er, and that's it.
The greatest fucking blog site in the world, and only SEVEN links ffs.
Internet people suck.


  1. Brit, you shitehawk, that's not some tawdry article from ukg. That's, a community site built in the quake days that linked to us with the following:
    "Tonight we'll cover the division 1 games, which promise to raise eyebrows. With the clash of some of the best Quake World clans (4 Kings, Demonic Core - the winners of the last 3 UKCL seasons) among the Quake 2 titans (Unreal and Eat Electric Death). "
    Fucking Titans! Tawdry? Mong!

  2. Some of these links aren't "people linking to us" at all...
    Londonbloggers was submitted by Lurks, it says so.
    "Citations for :" sort of gives away that their link to us is autogenerated, (presumably from referrer) so scratch that one as well. links to us, Google has missed that!

  3. UKG.*com* (sigh).
    Point is, as the internet's pre-eminent web site for all things, we should be linked to by billions of people. Some of whom should pay us just for running a site!

  4. From a regular reader: thanks for the link back!