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Wednesday 15 September 2004

Quake 4 anticipation [Beej]

After the fairly broad 'disappointment' with DOOM3 amongst the PC gaming elite, the first screenies from Quake 4 are out:
Unsurprisingly it looks a lot like DOOM3 with shadow-heavy industrial corridors, smooth-skinned humans, and mutated bionic baddies. Hype so far reads like this:
  1. A 1ply storyline that follows on directly from Quake 2 - w00t!
  2. Multiplayer that builds on Quake 3 - uberw00t!
  3. Vehicles - and not the girly UAC jeep from DOOM3 neither
  4. Possible friendly AI squad-based action (given Raven's work on EF, seems likely)

Everything that DOOM3 wasn't?


  1. Sci Fi horror? Nothing like doom 3 then? NEXT!

  2. It's from a proper game developer. At least it has a chance of not sucking so how about we give it the benefit of a doubt? :)

  3. Looks like more of the same old rubbish to me. Room clearing in dark, spooky, indoors environment. Its a cross between Doom 3, AvP and Quake with Vehicles. I want to be the first to officially say ITS GOING TO SUCK.

  4. Oh come on, it's can't be as bad as Doom 3. Hmm, that said... if it's not as bad as Doom 3, what score are Eurogamer going to give it? :-)

  5. Mmmmm Quad damage... :)