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Tuesday 28 September 2004

P2P Email [Spiro]

Just came across this on the BBC site. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. Imagine no spam and great security. Or is my lack of knowledge on this subject fooling me?


  1. It's a very stupid idea indeed. A company tried to launch a similar product here, which died a very expensive death. Propriatory crap, no good for email because the joy of email is knowing that pretty much anyone with an email addy can recieve your mail. You could set up peer to peer email now by installing two smtp servers in two locations and just send between em. You can even secure smtp too, for free. Don't sewe why anyone would want this shit at all...

  2. I agree - it's a marketing ploy which anyone spending 10 minutes looking at the repercussions of implementing it can see. It'll seriously fuck your users up for starters, and therefore you business.
    Naturally, you'll also have to use Microsoft Outlook or it won't work by the looks of it.

  3. Um.. what exactly does it provide that you can't do already anyway with an internal email system.
    You need a new email address they say for a 'closed group'. Okay, if you wanted that you set up an internal email list, and have an internal email for your closed group and 'real' email for the rest of the world.
    They bang on about sensitivity of information - if you have an intranet you can set up internal email security and prevent things being sent externally.
    I just can't see what they are providing that any system admin at any decent sized company could do anyway.
    I remember when email was first becoming mainstream in companies, it wasn't unusual to have two systems, one internal and one external....

  4. Heh, you didn't even read it right? It's not an internal email system, it's a peer to peer system over teh interweb. It's an alternative to using public smtp servers, which most companies wont do anyway, so it's a stupid idea, but it's not attempting to replace internal email systems. Well, it's almost like an internal email system for multiple companies. Still, fucked idea.

  5. I didn't say it was an internal mail system, I was saying it doesn't do anything beyond what any decent company could do with closed-group internal mail already... And yes, shit idea.