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Tuesday 7 September 2004

MP10 [Spiny]

This one slipped under the radar for me, but Windows Media Player 10 has been released.
Before you start laughing give it a go.
They fixed the media library which was the one thing that annoyed me. It starts up way faster than winamp 5 and the user interface is a masterpiece of usability.
OK, now you can laugh.


  1. Masterpiece of usability?! You are taking the piss surely.

  2. Does it toggle pause when you hit the space bar yet?

  3. Tried a DVD with it, and it couldn't play back the AC3 so I had to install AC3Filter.
    I checked SPACE=Pause, and... it doesn't work. Clearly that would be CTRL-P (usability morons).
    And worse than that... double-click doesn't go fullscreen any more! Egads.

  4. Yep, CTRL-P = Pause, but double click toggles full screen for me.

  5. I guess a key-remapper plugin could be written, or use something like this. Just found a neat feature. Play an MP3, while this is going, play a video file. Then pressing ctrl-B picks up where you left off in your mp3.

  6. That is a good feature. So with version 11 maybe we'll get some usability and it'll all be pukka?