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Thursday 12 May 2005

Episode III [Shedir]

Well young Padawan.
Will Lucas pull the fat out the fryer and make the movie we need to rescue the series?
I've seen the trailer, I'm watching clone wars. I've got my tickets booked (opening day at 4:20).
I'm hyped!
I reckon it's going to be an utter masterpiece, an epic to lay the failings in ep's I and II to rest.
Who's with me!


  1. George Lucas and Braddy

  2. It's looking like it might not suck as much as the previous two. In that case I'm cautiously optimistic. I still think good old fatneck is about as talentless a director as you will find. It tickles me that it only occured to get some acting coaches in this time around.
    Apparently the dialogue is even worse than ever before though, so make sure you go with your cheese-sensitive sunglasses on.

  3. Some of my friends work at Dolby and the've been working on the soundtrack and sorting the premier. It's a shame it's the Cannes film festival at the same time as the launch (they're out there) cos normally they would do a few early showings in their special cinema -it has awsome sound, as you would expect, and the new dolby digital technology).
    On that note: If you can get to a digital theatre (there are a few beta sites), it's an awsome leap in film quality. I know the one in Swindon (Greenbridge - Spiny - only in one of the theatres tho) will have it. There must be others too in London?

  4. Fatneck is responsible for one of my favourite phrases for use at work. Well two of them actually. Lucas was / is so bad at writing dialogue that during the shooting of the first set of (proper) films, Harrison Ford was reading the script in a rehearsal with Lucas and said to him "You can write this shit, George, but you sure can't say it"
    So I coined a "Lucas" for use in work - you can write this shit but you sure can't fucking say it.
    But better a "Reverse Lucas" - you can say this shit but you sure can't fucking write it - something from a litigation perspective I'm forever saying to people :)

  5. My hipflask and I loved it!
    Saves the series plotwise, but you seriouly have to have watched the clone wars cartoons before it. Otherwise General Grevious isn't a very good baddie, IMHO.
    Still top notch entertainment for a fiver at the flicks.
    Search your feelings, you know you want to see it.

  6. Well we saw it yesterday at 12.50 pee-hem. Its impressively StarWarsy - the opening sequence is enough to make you feel ill from pseudo motion sickness.
    The dialogue is fucking *dire* as usual and any nonsense involving Padme and The Wooden Chair (sorry, Anakin) is about as interesting as chopping your cock off. With a spoon.
    However, that said, its the best film of the new bunch; and even Ewan McGregor comes across as someone who has worked out a way of doing something with the excerable dialogue that doesn't involve setting fire to Fat Neck. The effects are awesome and it answers ALL the questions I had lined up so that Episode 4 actually makes sense.
    8/10 - a must see.

  7. Apart from "so, what was this prophecy about anyway?"
    Pretty much the same as everyone else said, nice big battles, cool lightsaber battles, dire dialog.
    Grevious seemed a bit weak as a character compared to his Clone Wars outings.

  8. Saw it last night. As Brit says, best of the new trilogy. The dialog was, well, expected. What disappointed me a bit was Anakin's fall from grace. I just think he needed more...motivation. It just didn't come accross well for me. Maybee a repeat viewing will help.Cav - Anakin is the one who will bring balance to the force, presumaby you have seen how Return Of The Jedi ends?...Oh yeah, as well as the cartoons, playing through Republic Commando helped a bit too.Theres rumours of a ep 1 prequel (ep 0?) on how Yoda defeats the Sith 88 years before li'll Annie turns up. Does anyone really believe that the franchise won't be kept alive with the amount of money it generates?...

  9. Not sure about that. Old Fatneck seems to have retained a tight leash on the franchise and has famously resisted moves in the past which would have been an utter cash cow - like releasing the films to DVD. It did happen eventually but years after it ought to have done.
    Still, he's got a carc at some point doesn't he? His arteries don't bare thinking about.