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Monday 16 May 2005

Get off your fat arse [Shedir]

My sister works for the royal mail (claims) and is going to take advantage of a nice scheme they've signed up for. Bike4Work.
Basically you tell your employer what bike and accessories you're after, or even two bikes, and they give you a credit note to buy it. You repay from your gross wages, saving a bit on NI/Tax, over 12 months. Then at the end you get to keep the bike with a nominal payment.
Halfords Bikes4Work and Booost have more details if you're interested.
I'm sick of the bus anyway, even if I did get a lovely filly pushing her arse into my crotch on the way home last Friday. It's summer, get fitter, browner and more eco friendly by cycling to work!


  1. Your sister must be busy... Oh this good to know though, great scheme. You know the same exists for buying computers too? Eg you can get your employer to buy the computer and take it out of your pay so you don't pay tax.

  2. I'm not sure about the situation in the UK, but I was very suprised just quite how many unpublicised tax breaks there are in Oz.
    The whole employer pays, you pay out of gross salary thing is called salary sacrificing here, some of the juicier things that can be sacrificed without incurring Fringe Benefit Tax are...
    LaptopsPDAs (including iPods - it has a calendar)Mobile phones
    So basically we don't pay income tax on geek toys, one of each per year. Which is nice.
    Unfortunately tax here is a killer, 48.5% over $70,000 pa, although the latest budget has upped that to $95,000 and next July 1st it will be $120,000 when the 48.5% kicks in.
    It's just as well there are so many nice breaks.