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Thursday 5 May 2005

Foxy tuning [Shedir]

For those of you how love Firefox, I stumbled across a nice wee utility.
FireTune, FireTune will optimize several internal settings of Firefox for better performance.
Going to give it a spin the now myself, but thought it might be worth linkage from here in the meantime.


  1. Also happy to report that Firefox 1.03 fixed my damn copy and paste problem. Hooray!
    Speaking of tweaks though, Google have just released a web accelerator thing, you can download it here. It's damn clever. Basically on the server side it works out your favorite pages and browsing habits and preloads those for you and then you leech the whole lot compressed and it unpacks it at your end.
    It integrates with IE and Firefox and shows a 'seconds saved' thing on the top. Mine is up to 5.2 just from this morning's few minutes of using it. I don't know if it's worth using long term and naturally you're handing your browsing habits to Google as well (they're getting a little bit scary now...) but as a technology demonstration, it's damn impressive.
    Also, it just acts as a regular proxy so you can manually configure oddball browsers to use it as well. I'm wondering, on a multiple machine network is it not best to run this on one server and then have the local clients proxy through it?

  2. Actually Google web accelerator lives in the bin. It's a nifty idea but it's critically flawed since it ends up caching private pages including passwords. That's just such a retarded thing for Google to do, I really wonder what the hell they're playing at. It'll be a long time before they manage to instill confidence in this sort of scheme again.
    Oh, also, hilarious this morning I ran Firefox on one machine (that still had Google web accelerator installed) and it failed to fire up at all. Scratched my head for a bit and then uninstalled Google's finest and bosh, it works. So it's also got special Fuck Firefox Technology built in. Niiiccce.

  3. Yeah, its a great idea but poorly executed in this release. I had it running at work for about 10 minutes (on Firefox and IE) until it effectively killed my 'net connection - constantly attempting to pick up pages from a localhost address, failing, and dumping me out to the DNS/Server not found screen.
    Control Panel -> Remove Shite -> Bosh; everything back to normal.

  4. Firefox vulnerable"!
    Should have stuck with Avant ;)
    Users are advised to disable JavaScript and the software installation option within Firefox pending a more comprehensive fix from the Mozilla Foundation.