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Saturday 28 May 2005

Recipe: Tuna Berserker Burgers [Lurks]

We haven't had a recipe for awhile and it's night time. This one is a great for folks cutting down on the calories, like me, and as usual I'll be extremely vague concerning quantities because thats my cooking style.
  • Two cans of tuna steak
  • Some onions
  • Some leeks
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Eggs
  • Garlic
  • Light mayonaise
  • Thai red curry paste - barts etc
  • Various salady bits and bobs
  • Heinz tomato sauce & thai sweet chilli sauce

Drain the tuna. Tip here is just to open lid and upend in the sink, tilting can a bit so all the excess juices run out. While you're doing that, chop up the onion and leek finely or use some machine chopper type thing if you're lazy or if like Houmous your hands are too big to safely operate a knife.
Get the onion and leek (just onion if you like, I just prefer the herbyness of leeks - doesn't mean I'm Welsh or anything) in a fry pan with some crushed garlic (I personally use shitloads), either fresh or lazy boy garlic etc. Chuck in some olive oil and fry it up until golden. Easy peasy.
Now get your by-now-fully-drained tuna and chuck it in a big bowl. Toss in the fried onion/leek and a good couple of handfuls of breadcrumbs. I actually just grate up the last stale bit of our home made bread and find wholemeal blends make for ace breadcrumbs. Chuck in a couple of largish dollops of light mayonaise and a couple of tablespoons of Thai red curry paste such as Barts, easily available from the supermarket.
Now you want to get a big wooden spoon and put some elbow into stiring this up. You want to break up all the tuna chunks here and that takes a good workout. After it's nicely mixed up, you need to whack in a couple of beaten eggs. You want a nice gluey consistency and how many beaten eggs you need to do this depends on how much of the rest of the stuff you put in but it ought to be about two to four beaten eggs. Go in for two to start with and more if necessary.
Now you've got your basic Tuna Berserker mixture. Get yourself a big platter or a couple of plates, whatever, and grab a handful of mix and ball it up in your hands and flatten out on the platter/plates etc into basic burger type shapes. The mix should make about eight burgers I find, course if your you're Houmous, you'll probably want some other way of measuring out the mixture unless you want one giant burger. Oh yeah, don't make them mondo flat, you can do that in the frypan later.
The burgers go in the fridge until they're nicely chilled down. Just trust me on this mmkay? When it comes to serve up, a nice green salad goes with a couple of tuna berserker burgers very nicely indeed. Some mixed lettuce, spinnach, onion slices, tiny cubes of tangy cheese and halved cherry tomatoes is my idea of a pukka salad for this.
Now you got to fry the burgers. Use a bit of ground nut or sunflower oil, you wont need much. Get some burgers in the fry pan and flatten them down nicely. Have this on a medium low heat and leave be for awhile. Juice will come out soon enough and the burgers will get a nice frying like that, then flip over. Get them on some kitchen towel to dry, while you're frying up new ones. They'll be nice and stiff and wont fall appart.
Now finally, mix up 50/50 thai sweet chilli sauce and good old Heinz tomato sauce. Then drizzle this over your burgers and salad.
Yeah baby. That's your tune berserker burgers main, bosh.


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