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Thursday 16 June 2005

2005 [Am]

You can start a blog with a phrase like ‘the human condition’ and indeed, perhaps I have in the past. At this precise moment in time, frankly, you care less. This I understand. But above and beyond the limping starts of my usual musings, there is something engaging about human reflection, in condition examination and, I like to say, in the general state of thinkology.
What the fuck am I going on about? Who knows. You don’t get value from an AmBlog by asking that sort of trite shit this early on. Back in your box, crisp-boy.
So thinkology of the human condition. Indeed. Well here’s what’s been occuring to me of a Thursday with a glass of fine burgundy....
God – who knows. Next.
Nah I mean really right. I spent 7 years looking for god in fulltime academic study. The sort of thing where you can read up about it inifinitely and still draw no conclusions. I’m basically with free-will non-deterministic and about 30/70 on the existence of versus non existence of. 7 years. I may be wrong (I’m sure I am) but I’m happy to go with it.
The Spirit of Humanity - Don’t make my dog bark. Next.
Science. Marvellous stuff if generally only slightly less pointless than religion. Got to offend Dr Dave lots in the pub the other day by saying the current state of science (particularly in that sense asstronomy) is basically just the current fairy story. 500 years ago we didn’t even dig gravity. To say that what’s “fact” today will be considered so in 500 years from now makes the aforesaid woofer roll-over and piss itself laughing. It is a fact much as these very bright people don’t like it at all. Made Dave’s face go all wrinkly. The evolution of science – amazing. The objectivity of cutting edge science today? Pretty damn stinky.
To whit; human behaviour (see above); absolute raving bollocks at the moment. It truly makes me cringe to consider just how primitive and appalling our society will be seen in centuries to come. I think we’ll be classified something like “emergent industrial primitives”. Really. I consider this to be the biggest embarrassment of living in this age. We have the brain power and social commentary to become an emerging different and difference-making race but our reputation will be in centuries forward for being twats with knowledge due to self-interest. And really murderous nasty selfish twats. As the fairy-stories of religion are fading away as a sociological force, we are really more accountable than any time before. And our failure will look worse for it.
So where are we now? Well precisely wherever you want to be. You are but a proton on an atom on a molecule on a cell on a ohhhh you get the point. All you need to do is act as the selfish little autonomous unit you are because there is absolutely no chance that you matter in the scheme of things at all.
All it seems to me, is that you don’t lose sense of your own sense. So avoid interaction with things designed to test your own credulity. For instance;
CATS:- Totally and utterly without redemption from a design-frame-of-mind. Only invented to make you look like a cunt. Takes affection in, purrs a bit when it suits and then rips your belly open to try and claw its way to your colon when it fancies. I’m not speaking relativistically to a dog a gerbil or anything else. That’s pointless and engages conversation with people who like to have little tapestries up on their walls. So let’s do this; a cat is a cunt who only cares for itself. If you haven’t got this, the world of cats, and many human beings too are laughing at you. Laughing. Like drains. At you.
GMTV:- Now I don’t want overuse the word cunt which is a special word but holy mother of smoking cod what a bunch of cunts! Where the object of nation-information is to work out the lowest common denominator of the telly-watching public and pitch things “just a little bit more sophisticated than that but so they get the drift” you know why the impulse to go all Falling Down has never wrung truer. When we are young we often look up to media celebs one way and another. When you get older and especially if you’ve come across some of these people, you understand just how insanely lethal it is to have this bunch of luvvies in charge of public perception. My people I weep for you.
POLITICIANS:- The ancient Athenians had the right idea – stick all the voting public together and vote for who needs to lead the society. If they refuse, chuck them out of the nation. If someone wants to run for office distrust them immediately and chuck them out the nation. Douglas Adams wrote some great books (but nowhere near as good as the lauding he gets) but the Zaphoid Beeblebrox approach to politics is pretty much the only one that should be in existence.
There’s three to get you going. I won’t say life suck because it doesn’t. Last night I sat out under a huge star-field with a glass of fine wine and revelled in existance. But while we’re at it - what pisses you off and why?

1 comment:

  1. Now hang fire chopper. I don't precisely remember what my reaction was to your musings last friday, but I'm pretty sure that if you suggested that our understanding of gravity will change in 500 years the only reason my face would have been wrinkly would be because of the aftertaste of the sambuca.
    I don't care if everything we "know" today is proved wrong tomorrow, so long as the evidence supports it. Science is merely a description of a system that best fits the observational data at the time. As we observe more, it stands to reason that our description will refine over time. If some enterprising Creationist popped up with a bunch of evidence for divine origins that outweighed the massive evidence for evolution by natural selection, well you know, I'd chuck my hat into the Creationists ring, no question.
    To say that "very bright people don’t like it at all" is a bit presumptious and shows a lack of understanding of the scientific method. I don't hear many scientists sticking with Newtonian mechanics in the face of special relativity!
    Damn foo'!