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Wednesday 15 June 2005

What the internet is for. [shedir]

I've been leeching documentaries for a while now and trying to avoid traditional media more and more.
My dad has been in a Monetary Reform Society for as long as I can remember. His belief is that the current money system is corrupt and has to change to make society as a whole better.
Cue Conspiracy Central! Picked up a cracking wee documentary off it this week. Phenomenon - Monopoly Men.
Explains quite well how the money system was initally corrupted and how it's being abused now.
The creation of the Federal Reserve bank in the USA is covered and it's implication for all of western society.
Well worth signing up and taking a peek though there for stuff that'll interest you. The Illuminati one is quite good too, but a bit too x-files for my liking.


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