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Tuesday 21 June 2005

Civic Duty [Shedir]

So, at the bus stop (Ingram Street) last night. Just missed my 20 home by 10 seconds or something. Get the headies out and settle in for the long wait on another.
It's meant to be every 10 minutes, but of course that bears no relationship to "the truth".
Some junky mum sits down beside a young couple in lurve, her brat runs around throwing a plastic bottle of coke off the nearest building and the bus shelter.
I'm listening to the radio.
As time passes, along with every other bus known to man, I notice junkymum's arm making some slow movements. She's about the dip the bag of the lassie she's sitting beside.
I double check then take the headies out. Nick over and tap her on the shoulder, "no". Followed by a stern wag of the finger.
Junkymum gets on a bus, couple of guys are talking to me about it.
Time, and all other busses but mine, passes.
Dancer! A 20 shows up, I head on over.
Then spot junkymum. She'd obviously got off after one stop and decided she couldn't go home until she'd dipped someone. I was on the 20 by then so it was too late to tell her to GTF.
It was only a bit later I thought about other things. Like what if she had junkydad with her, juiced to the eyeballs and kitted out with a knife.
Still, you can't think like a pussy in real time.

1 comment:

  1. No, you can't or you end up with the situation you find in London where I live. You can see the most apalling behavior and people just let it happen in front of their eyes because they don't want to get involved.
    That's the alternative.