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Tuesday 28 June 2005

Bounty Hunters [Beej]

So the unflappable Doug Wood was rescued from the nasty criminals-cum-insurgents a few weeks ago and its a bit of a good PR tale for the Iraqi Army at a very convenient time. No time to dwell on conspiracy theories though, that's not the point of this blog.
Presumably suffering from some sort of insanity brought on by lack of sunlight, our Australian cellar-dweller soon suggests that he may return to Iraq in the future, because, y'know, the money is good and he's got a Thai Bride to look after and all that jazz.
Then at some point, in a move which would not be out of place with EED's very own straight-talking Aussie, the man goes and calls his Iraqi captors arseholes, which quite honestly, is the best statement anyone has every made about this whole goddamn war. Good on you pal, now you're safe at home, let it all out! Stick it to those cowardly bastards! I know I would.
But this isn't the apex of the saga, by any means. You see, Woody was stuck in a cellar for a while with another chap who has been holding his cards closer to his chest. UNTIL NOW THAT IS:

Swede Ulf Hjertstrom, who was held for several weeks with Mr Wood in Baghdad, was released by his kidnappers on May 30. Mr Hjertstrom has since claimed he shared information with US and Iraqi troops about Mr Wood which led to the release of the 63-year-old Australian engineers two weeks ago, after 47 days in captivity.
Now, he wants to find those responsible.
"I have now put some people to work to find these bastards," he told the Ten Network today.
"I invested about $50,000 so far and we will get them one by one."

BINGO! Not just some pussy PI to see who the wife's been shagging, or a low-life ex-bouncer to hit your mate with a brick... but bounty hunters! Now that's a proper fucking plan.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't $50,000 the going rate in Iraq for spending 3 days behind the wheel of a truck?