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Monday 20 June 2005

Desperate Bordello [Lurks]

A couple of weekends ago I was in Antwerp Belgium as a sort of combined business trip and pleasure. I spent the weekend with my good friend and his partner, and we had a great time wining, dining and partying. At one point we had occasion to walk down the red light district in Antwerp. This is rather like Amsterdam, where the ladies are on display in the windows and so on. Apparently.
Which is all well and good but then we reached the run-down end of the district and one business clearly hadn't fared so well and had closed down. What amused me most was the writing placed on the window in an attempt to drum up business as part of the 'CLEAROUT SALES!' in what must have been the twilight hours of this seedy establishment. Here is the picture.
A sampling for your delight:
  • "Every bordello must go" - What, they sell whole bordellos? Crumbs lads, forget that Spanish villa retirement fund investment, we could have bought into the sex trade for extra peice of mind.
  • "Hire one girl, get two free!" - Hard to see how the business failed with such tempting offers as this.
  • "Share it with your nuns and your priest!" - They can flipping well buy their own!

There's a few other gems I'll let you discover and perhaps you can also make out some of the lines that are tricky to read such as the ones with 'discover life' and 'cop price' in them?


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